Grumpy sickypoo and MSG

30 03 2009

So I’m sick, and I’m feeling very sorry for myself.  I had to work all day.. and what’s worse I always feel better in the evening when I’m done work and then I can’t sleep.  But all day I wish I was in bed… sigh 😦 I guess it’s better I went to work, at least I made some money.

This last weekend I didn’t do a durned thing, well I did do a lot of studying.  I didn’t really have anything else to do in my room other than watch tv and study Chinese.

I just got an email from my sister about the evils of MSG.  I always knew MSG was bad for you and caused all kinds of health problems.  But I didn’t realize that it was in quite as many things as it is.  Apparently it may be one of the major causes of obesity in North America.

I’ve never been much of a fan of packaged stuff, I make most of my food from scratch or reasonably close to from scratch.   I don’t really like most junk food, well bought junk food, I’m so down with the junk food I Read the rest of this entry »