Christmas Reruns…

11 12 2010

So if you’ve been checking ye old blog recently you may have thought to your self… wow Magda has been writing again!  Promptly followed by a strong sense of deja vue.

Yes, they are older posts thatI moved to the front of the blog.  I did this because at the TEDXmonga thing, my name and web page were in the book.  Now I have absolutely no idea if anyone will even look at it, BUT they might.  And the only thing I had posted recently was a rant about the TSA.  Didn’t seem very TEDdy ;).

Plus, I have written some pretty good stuff in the past, I just haven’t had the writing bug lately.  I was also hoping posting and rereading all that stuff might motivate me to get off my duff and get back to writing, and life n stuff.

So there you go, the reruns explained ;P