The beast has escaped….. ROAR

4 01 2009

dragonPossibly little known fact… I’m a total shoe freak. LOve love love shoes… I have hidden and controlled all these urges/obsession for years. To the point that I had thought the Beast tamed if not defeated.

WRONG clearly it was just napping. All those times I went into stores and was wonderfully practical, clearly I was in and out before it raised its ugly head and fixed its beady little eyes

These are the ones bought initially.

These are the ones bought initially.

on the ‘pretties’. I’ve been looking at pictures… (I’ll tell you why in a second)

and I swear my heart rate has actually jumped. Feel mildly high right now and it’s taking all my will power to stay put and not hit the shops.

Luckily my title as ‘el Cheapo’ is a nice curbing factor :D. Shoes cost loads of $$$

So this year for Christmas Tracey and Melissa thought it would be a cool idea to get me some funky/nice shoes. Because Tracey remembers the days of the shoe love (pre taming of the beast), and I never spend that much money on my self, and I especially haven’t gotten nice shoes in ages. You know sometimes I worry that Read the rest of this entry »

The restaurant, money and life

22 10 2008

It’s funny I saved this title meaning to write a post on Sept 14th… and man have things gone up down and sideways since then!

I swear I have mentioned the Restaurant before, but given my sister and the “whoa whoa hold on what restaurant” I am now wondering if I did. There was all kinds of research and negotiations going on. And at the beginning of September Tracey and I were so convinced we were going to go ahead an open it that we paid our deposit. Unfortunately, a week or so after that(and for the next month or so), there were some money issues, our third investor disappeared, my personal life went all over the place and then so did Tracey’s.

Every time we adjusted to the new issues (investor disappearing, new possible investors etc), something else happened. We both still are very interested in the prospects of the business, but basically for now it’s off. Why is a long story and has mostly to do with money, a lot of the investment money was/is in the stock market which has plunged so if they money is taken out then it’s just lost. Just doesn’t make any sense right now.

I suspect I had more to say but it’s not coming to me now, I wrote this over the weekend but I had to set it to publish after I spoke with Greg. We have an appointment to meet with him on Tuesday and it’s not right to be broadcasting things like this until we have at least spoken with him.