Kohl’s Cares

27 08 2010

This company in the states that my friend (who just had a baby and her husband and also my friend went a little wild making a website for the baby, if you’re into baby pictures you can check it out here .  He’s actually quite a good photographer, so while I don’t give a hoot about baby pictures, his pics are really good.  Here are some more of his photos if you’re into that sort of thing on Flicr. Fuck ramble ramble.. sorry back to the point) MJ works at, Kohl’s .. which I always thought was spelled Coles, is giving away 10 million dollars to 20 schools which is a pretty nice thing to be doing.    Now of course their probably not doing it just out of the goodness of their hearts, but hey when you give away 10 million dollars I think you deserve a little attention and good press.

So the way they’ve decided to do it is to hold a contest online through facebook, handy as everyone is there most of the day anyway.   You go to their facebook ‘busines’s and then you can vote 20 times (max of 5 times per school).  I love things that let me be philanthropic with other people’ money.

So even cooler my friend Casey lives in Milwaukee and apparently Kohls is a Milwaukee based company.  There are three schools in the runn Read the rest of this entry »

Choose Your Donation

12 08 2009

In the past few years I’ve tried to be a little more involved in charity.  I’m not much for volunteering but I make ok money, so I try to donate a little something here and there when I can.  But even more than just donating money, I like the idea of doing things to leverage the money I donate.  Getting donations from others, holding contests, etc, I’ve had few ideas in the past and have talk about it a lot with Casey.  Actually, I believe it was Casey going on about a project that he wanted to do years ago that really got the whole thing on my mind.

Well Casey is up to his usual manic antics, and has decided to take on a huge project.  He’s trying to get all the projects for Donor’s Choose in Milwaukee Funded before school starts.  Donor’s choose is cool, because teachers post projects that they need funding for and can’t get it from the school systems.  So you go on the web page and check out all the different project and decide what and how much you want to donate.  Then the teachers, send you messages and pictures thanking you.  Which is nice, and especially nice because they just thank you they don’t ask you for anymore.  (Which totally essentially pisses me off.. I just gave you something and now you’re asking for more?)

I’ve donated to them a couple of times, the first I think was when Tim Ferris gave away a bunch of money for other people to Donate to Charity (that was fun).  I’m not actually going to try to explain the whole thing Casey is doing because he does it very well himself on the social Milwaukee site [click here].  So I’m writing this on my blog to draw attention to it, and hopefully encourage all my friends and family to Donate a Dollar to a project through the social Milwaukee Page.  And to up the anti, if you donate a dollar, leave me a comment here and I’ll match your donation (see so it’s like your money just got doubled)!

EVEN BETTER!….. Ask your people to donate :D.  No pressure, if you’re not interested or there are no projects that tickle your fancy don’t worry about it.  But I’m a teacher and sometimes schools and parents won’t pony up the dough for the kids.  I wish that we had something like this where I am teaching, it would be super cool to get funding for special projects and books.  Even if you decide not to donate anything at all, I would really appreciate it if you would just take a look at the site and the information, if you happen to pass it on because you agree with it 😉 all the better.

here are the links, in case you missed them:

Social Milwaukee:   http://www.socialmilwaukee.com/

Donor’s Choose:   http://www.donorschoose.org/donors/viewChallenge.html?id=22215&category=78&utm_source=BC08&utm_medium=widget&utm_content=GP