Ride the Bull, Yeehaw

21 07 2009

I can hardly keep up with myself as to the happenings of the last few days.

Let’s see, I flew down from Smithers on Wednesday and that night Dee and I went to Roosters (a surprisingly famous bar, I’m guessing due to the topless bull riding) where they had bull riding WEEE and ridiculously cheap wings (20 for a buck… seriously) and cheap Wed night drinks like $5 for a triple paralyzer.  Fun! Well lemmi tell yeah the action started before we even got in the door.

The door guys wanted ID but the only ID I had was my Chinese DL, well that sparked this convo about me living in Taiwan and next thing I knew the dudes had ‘kidnapped’ me shut the door and wouldn’t let me into the bar. LOL  The attention was fun so I didnt’ mind but eventually I made my escape inside.  bullWe’re sitting around chatting waiting for the bull riding to start.. really hoping some girl would be drunk enough to take her top off.   There was this dude at our table who started making the moves on my sister, which gave her a little thrill but he was oddly snobby to me.  Not like I was getting in his way but just kinda pft I don’t want to talk to you.  I didn’t care so kept talking to my nephew.  Later dude rode the bull and was freaking awesome.. so we didn’t want to follow him!!  But lo when we got in line there he was right in front of us, but he let us go in front of him yay!  So we’re getting ready (taking off jewelry etc) and suddenly he is captain chatty cathy to me??  And just as I’m about to get on the bull he said something about the black lights by the other table and how he didn’t realize until now that I was Read the rest of this entry »