Love Eternal

5 12 2010

I believe it.  If you love someone and fall out of love.. then I don’t think you really loved them.   That said I do think it’s entirely possible for you or the other person to change so much that you may love them but the previous version of them.. or something like that.  Love is forever end of story.

I thought I was in love with.. him him him and him and even him… but I wasn’t.  The relationship ended and I saw it for it was, lust, boredom, entrainment, comfort.  I loved what I wanted them to be.  I loved the idea.  But I didn’t love them.  Love can change but it doesn’t just dispear.

I have been in love with two people, and I will love them forever, the intensity or pattern might change.  It may no longer be applicable or relevant in my current life… but they will always hold a part of my soul.  I will always love them.

People who talk about true love, need to be given a good wack to the head.  What other kind is there?  Love is love.  If you went about talking about ‘true rocks’ or true water, or true sun… you’d get locked up in the loony bin.  You may even grow to hate someone you love, you may resent them.. but you will always love them.  And if you don’t if you find yourself genuinely not caring one day.  Then how can you say you ever loved them?

That is what I believe.  Agree or don’t, it makes no difference to me.  I know it’s true in my reality.  And I prefer mine to a reality where love just disappears… that doesn’t make any sense to me, why would you even want it to?

Marriage is NOT a Band-aid!

3 10 2009

I spent years telling people I didn’t believe in Marriage, and that was never entirely true.  I don’t believe in the INSTITUTION of marriage.  That paper, doesn’t mean crap to me, the legalities, whatever.  But the commitment?  The sanctity of the relationship?  I do believe in that.

To be frank, the levity with which people enter into marriage offends me sometimes.  Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there is anything wrong with ending a relationship that isn’t working, getting a divorce etc.  But I do think that getting married doesn’t change the commitment you make to someone.   In my opinion you can make that same commitment without actually getting married. And if you make a commitment, stick to it, really work at it and then if nothing can be done to work things out, you’ve tried it all, then end it.  Not pft, I don’t like those curtains and the neighbor has a nice tush, grow up at least try.

Another thing that really bothers me, is how many people treat marriage and kids like a band-aid.  Marriage isn’t a bloody fix!!!  WTF.  My first serious boyfriend had a little cheating problem, well I guess he didn’t have a problem so much as an expertise in the field.  Once I realized what he was up to and finally confronted him about it, do you know what his solution to the problem was?  Well he loved me, so we should run away and Read the rest of this entry »