Why Not?

1 06 2011

So what have I been to in the past few months?

Well nothing and a lot.   As I mentioned a few months back I had an epiphany.  About living life a for  the moment, and having a good time.  Some people say I need to focus and get my life on track, and perhaps they are right.  But I have spent a lot time focusing on things that I don’t actually hold to be important to me.

For the past few months I have just been enjoying life, and having a good time.  My recent motto in life has been “why not”, when faced with an opportunity I think well why not?  If I can’t think of a good reason not to, I’ve been shrugging and going with the flow.

And so far it’s panned out pretty well.  😀  Of course the first and most important why not is, because I don’t want to.  Don’t misunderstand this isn’t some kind of ‘yes man’ moment.  I’m not blindly agreeing to anything and everything based on some principal, honestly I’m only doing things that I’m either indifferent to or that I want to do on some level or other.

Oddly it seems to make saying no to things easier, like there are no rules of I can’t  say yes to this or that if I want to.. so when I don’t want to do something it’s a pretty clear feeling.   You know how sometimes you wiffle back and forth and you’re not really sure if it’s that YOU don’t Read the rest of this entry »