10 09 2009

The ‘friend drama’  I mentioned in the previous post is here.  I admittedly lost my temper and removed him as a friend on Facebook.  fighting-kittens But I was really pissed about someone who knew me would say such an obnoxious thing.. even if he was joking.  Here’s the convo…
Him: did you seriously friend dump me?!?
Me:  Did you seriously call me a bitter white girl? and agree with your ignorant asshole friend? He was just an ignorant ass and while he pissed me off his opinion doesn’t matter to me. what he said only made me angry.. you know me.. for you to say it sucked.
I may have been a little hasty .. but I was upset. I never do it, and then I always just let stuff go, I went with the mad this time.
Him:  If you’ve seen my friend magda, tell her to hurry back to taiwan. being on vacation gives her way too much spare time. did you really think i was serious? are we really still in fucking highschool?
your entire blog is riddled with ignorant assumptions based on your opinions. you let your thoughts and feelings free flow without filter. yet you find it funny and have no concern about others reactions to them. i don’t get it. it’s all a little too hypocritical for me. seriously, wtf? what’s the underlying problem bringing all this on. this screams redirected anger.
you definitely went with over reaction to say the least.
Don’t hold back at all (name),
Yes I totally over reacted I was having a really bad day had a huge fight with an old friend and was a might oversensitive. I have a wickedly bad temper and usually do not allow myself to Read the rest of this entry »