Canada is Rough

2 08 2009

Seriously, it must be a horrible place. With all the complaining and dissatisfaction people have.

I met up with a friend the other day and she was very aggravated with out how much people whinge and whine all the time about how hard their lives are.

Seriously is life all that bad here?  Ok the cost of living is a little higher, you might have to work a little harder.  It’s not the neverland that living in Asia can be.  But Really?? There are good and bad things about every place, I’ve lived in a few countries and I’m not claiming to be an expert, but honestly there are things I HATED, and there were  things I just love love loved about each place.

Brazil, was FANTASTIC but I hated the insincerity of the men there, drove me nuts that while they worshiped women.. their ‘you’re so beautiful’s  became rather aggravating (to me anyway).  But I loved the fun social atmosphere, the friendliness etc!

Taiwan, Is great low cost of living, lack of rules is fun, but it’s hella frustrating all the cultural issues that Read the rest of this entry »