Taijung Gangster and his Gun

18 09 2008

I ran across a discussion about this online in on a site called [Forumosa].  You gotta admit.. ‘foreigner attacked by gun wielding mad man’ or something to that effect is rather attention grabbing.   Generally I don’t read Forumosa, but I went to check on news about the typhoon and as it was horrid outside and I couldn’t go out and play (and grounded from TV) thought a would have a little peak at what was on there.  As usual there was the common Drivel… but then! bam!!  [guns guns] I read a little about and it’s so crazy, but honestly not that surprising, that I thought I would share with you guys!

side bar!!! just found this video from the typhoon

Anyway I thought the whole story was insane.. especially the business with the police and the justice system (if you can even call it that).  If you’re interested in more of the story just follow this link to the news paper article [here] or reads this blog of another guy who put it all quite well (so I’m not going to :D) [here].