Sex and Culture

6 01 2011

An interesting thing came up the other day.  One of my friends said something about about how Chinese/Asian girls are crazy in bed.  As in they will do ANYTHING in the bed room, and have virtually no inhibitions.  Now we all got a little crossed on each other’s meanings as we were talking.

I made a comment, about how a lot of that is related to a culture difference.  But I misinterpreted what they were saying, I thought they meant they give it up easily and often, with no emotional factors.  I said that a lot of girls go along with what guys want here because they want the guys to love them.

It turned into a bit of a heated debate until we all clarified our positions.  Which once we had done that, it all made more sense and it actually brought up a really interesting point.  My point, which I still stand by, was that a lot of girls have sex with guys in the hopes of getting the guy to love them.  And are often hurt by the uncaring or casual sexual attitudes of western men.   I’m not just hypothesizing, I have several friends that have confided these feelings to me in the past.

When I clarrified my point, we all realized that we were talking about different things.  They clarified their point, which was that Asian’s have a totally different culture when it comes to bodily functions.  Which is totally true, we come from a puritanical background where our bodies and bodily functions are a big deal, private and dirty… naughty terrible.  Asian’s don’t, they shit, piss, fart, burp, and talk about it all with no reservations.  They are all open and chill about it.

So how does this translate to sex?  Well think about it, all the reservations, and issues that often can hinder a sexual experience are gone.  I mean virtually everyone I know who has had a sexual experience with someone older than them has said the same thing, that people in their thirties-forties are so much more comfortable with their bodies.  They know what they’ve got, what to do with it and have gotten over most of the Christian, puritanical hangups that westerners grow up with (regardless of your religious background, it’s part of our culture).

Well imagine if you didn’t need to get over that, you didn’t need to get over yourself and thinking bodies and parts are dirty wrong or icky?  You just had to have experiences and learn what to do with your bodies.  It would be quite different, it’s an interesting perspective and one that I haven’t ever considered before.

On the other hand, I find it saddening that many girls get the impression that westerns have a purely casual attitude toward sex.  And to have feelings or attachments is somewhat frowned upon.  So many girls I know have been hurt, or get no respect from the guys they hook up with, and then don’t understand because they base their perception of western sexual culture on what they see in movies.  And even worse are the guys who prey on the cultural differences, I have heard many guys telling their Asian girlfriends that it’s ok that they do this that or the other, because back in their country it’s normal.  Meanwhile I’m staring open mouthed at what they are trying to get away with.   Like it’s perfectly acceptable for them to be fondling this other girl in front of their girlfriend, and their girlfriend has no right to be upset.  This is a real situation that my friend came to me with in tears because she had tried, reasonably I might add, to tell her boyfriend that she wasn’t comfortable and he said she was being psyco and to chill out it was ok in Canada to have some random girl on his lap and to be touching and kissing her.  o.O Um.. no part of Canada that I’ve ever heard of….

Anyway I thought both things were interesting takes and perspectives on cultural differences that  come up in life here.