Dining: Out of India, Shi Da

12 12 2008

So Thursday was a food-a-riffic day… went to dinner with Tracey, Melissa and JodieOut of India at this little Indian place in Shi Da called out of India. Really nice curries and dishes there, nothing terribly fancy but quite tasty. Dishes range from 150-400nt, plus rice and naan. The chick pea dish is 180, and the Lamb Saag is 340, naan’s are around 50nt. I tasted the chickpea one (chickpeas yuck (mealy buggers), but the sauce was delicious!), I nibbled on Jodie’s as well, something with potato’s and cauliflower also really nice and I had the lamb which was delicious.

Out of India is really easy to find, it’s down the alley across from the Watsons on Shi Da Road, in the alley it’s directly across from Evan’s (a burger joint). The address is a little ‘funny’ and somewhat counter intuitive but if you follow my directions it’s pretty easy to find. It’s considered by many to be one of the best Indian places in the Read the rest of this entry »