13 11 2010

So this weekend (Ok sadly I wrote 90% of this the weekend after my birthday AT the seminar….) I’m in a seminar for Eye’s open hypnosis.  The opportunity came up just before my birthday and I though..  it’s something I’m interested in so I should step outside of my box and give it a go.  And I’m really glad I decided to to it.  So far we’re halfway through the first day, and it’s been really interesting, there have been many cool discussions and demonstrations.

Coming way out to XiZhi (ShiJr) and tying up my whole weekend isn’t something I’ve been excited about, but it’s been a really positive experience so far.  Brian, who is giving  the seminar is really good at what he does and is very intelligent and personable.  So it’s not only interesting, it’s quite fun because he’s got a quirky sense of humor.

Plus he’s got a Siamese cat.. which we all know is my true love ;0)  He’s Siamese yowling right now.. aka someone pay attention to me damn it.

We’ve been talking about hypnosis and NLP and how to use it in therapy, and influence.  My favourite book, Influence: science and practice has been brought up several times which of course has pleased me to no end.

There are 6 of us here taking the seminar, one girl is interesting resistance to physical responses, but then he used her analyzing and resistance to physical cues to distract her and her critical factor  suddenly you could see her respond to things that she was clearly resistant to.  She described it very well, that you are at crossroads, to refuse or to go into the ‘fog’.  It’s like  lucid dreaming, when you  realize you’re dreaming you have a few seconds to make a choice; wake up or dive in.  Refuse it, or play along.

Anyway the weekend was very interesting, Brian actually did some therapy on me and it really helped.  He also showed us how to do some of the therapies on and with others.  Interestingly Brian is one of the best at what he does and is quite well known in the US but over here there isn’t much awareness.

Then a few weeks ago Brian had a show at the Comedy club and I was determined to enjoy the show and not be on the stage.  In order to make sure I got to watch I brought two of my friends who I had fairly good reason to be sure that they would be good subjects.

Wooo nelly I was right.   I had a fantastic time.  Unfortunately there weren’t many people at the show but we had a great time.  We all hung out having drink afterwards and ended up at a KTV of all places.  😀

Here are a couple of video clips from the show 😀