Urban Legends Will Never Die

16 12 2009

Modern urban legends, do you buy into them?  Do you perpetuate them?  Do you believe them?

There are so many of them these days… help the girl kidnapped… twitter updates, facebook is raping your privacy, or they are going to start charging you money to use their service…

I shake my head.   Recently a load of people have been mass updating about the searchability of Facebook on Google… it’s not new.. it’s old.. I know because I changed the settings ages ago.  Yes Facebook changed something recently.. and updated every user about it.  If you ignored it then whose fault is that???   Anyway.. a couple of people in Taiwan kinda got into a bit of a ‘conversation’ about it… and I just couldn’t resist.  Here is a the pertinent part of what I wrote.

(she had mentioned people stalking and using facebook to find your personal information .. look up you address etc. ) In Taiwan???  You know there are no white pages here right…. honestly, you’re getting overly excited.. all the searchability on FB isn’t new… you’re just discovering it… I have known about it for ages… stalkers are much more low tech they just chill outside your house and learn what they want.

You need to understand ALL of this information is rea Read the rest of this entry »

Google… WTF?

28 04 2009

So I went to Google something and I was curious as to why Google was written in Morris Code today.. I was so distracted by the search to find out why that I totally forgot what it was that I went there to search for.. (oh yeah it was the Simpsons couch gag thing!)

I ended up on a couple of sites that show a billion live twitter updates as they happen live… and while that was interesting, it was also COMPLETELY useless…   I did end up finding a useful link {here} that explained that it’s because it is the dude who invented Morris Code’s birthday today.

That will be all 🙂

Have the Google Gods Deamed me Worthy?

9 04 2009

Dude.. wtf is going on… Ok I am generally a skitch confused by the fact that my blog gets anywhere from 20-50 hits on a normal day.  But to add mystery to the pot recently, I’ve been getting MAD traffic on my blog…

I’ve decided I really need to sign up for Google insight to see where these hits are coming from, because as I was discussing with Casey the other day, the blog stats that WordPress provides are interesting but not particularly insightful.Epic Fail Car They tell you all kinds of fun things like how many hits on the blog, how many clicks on each post, what links people follow to arrive at your blog, what search terms they used to get there.. but the numbers just don’t add up.  And they don’t tell us where the hits are coming from, being rather international what countries these hits are coming from would be of great interest to me.

Recently, I’ve been getting MAD hits on my blog.  Acording to the information they provide me with .. these hits are coming from Google or Google type searches for the word ‘fail, or epic fail’.  Which is funny because they are all going to an old blog post that was just about me being suuuper lazy one day and failing in the doing anything department.  Now don’t get me wrong the whole Epic failure thing is amusing, hence I pull picture off the net for it.. but I can’t begin to Read the rest of this entry »

Contacting Random people is fun :)

9 03 2009

Ages ago a friend mentioned having met this woman named Tristan Taormino, who is this sex author guru type person.  I ended up looking around on her site [puckerup.com] and reading a bunch of stuff about her and thought gee she seems mighty interesting I think I’ll write to her.. you know just on a whim… Saying I though it was cool that she was so confidant and that while I may not agree with all her principals that I found her work and what she seemed to be trying to do interesting.   well wouldn’t you know it she wrote back to me

Hi Magda!

I’m sorry I’m late in replying…the past week or two of travel have had me running!  I wanted to say thank you so much for your wonderful email.  It’s so important for us all to have an opportunity to learn and grow, and to explore things about ourselves and our sexuality – when we know what we enjoy and we can embrace it, we can truly start to live life to it’s fullest.  I’m honored by your compliments, and I’m glad that you found out about my work!

Well that was fun, I just wrote for a giggle and look I got a reply… so then a couple of days ago I say this story about some guy who sued google and won.. (rara little guy!!) And after reading that I came across something that indicated he was the same guy that is in some dispute with Facebook (over who’s idea it really was).  So again I think.. hm might be fun to drop this guy a line…  here’s a clip from my email to him

I read your blog post about suing goggle… and I have to say AWESOME.  While I use Google a 1000 times a day I have always said that as long as things are running smoothly, great.. but if you ever hit a problem with Google.. you’re fucked because they have no one to contact and no matter how hard you try any attempts to get and answer or help leave you frustrated and alone.

And would you believe it, he wrote back to me.. on the same day no less…


Thanks for your very amusing e-mail. I enjoyed reading it.

It’s true, I do have a bit of a difference of opinion with Facebook, Inc. I’m just glad the one with Google is resolved.

All the best,


Aaron Greenspan
President & CEO
Think Computer Corporation

Moral of the story… I doubt there is one.. I just thought it was fun that I wrote to these very random, likely busy people and they took the time to write back to some random girl.  🙂