A Friend is a Friend is Family a Friend..

9 12 2010

Ok, so sit down and get ready to read.


What is a friend?  How do you define friends?  Are there really different kinds and levels?  Or is it really just black and white?

Personally, I think it’s a little of everything.  I do think there are definite lines but at the same time, for me anyway, there are multiple types and levels of friends.  Then bring family into the mix, things get even more complicated.Picture 114 Who is closer family, friends?  Is blood thicker than water?  You can pick your friends, but not your family… or can you?

I feel confidant that everyone has these thoughts from time to time, but maybe I’m wrong, perhaps it’s just me ;).    Either way I have friends, I have family but the lines get all blurred.  I have friends that are great, I love them, but they aren’t REALLY friends.  Not in the ‘my people’ sense.  On the other hand I have ‘people’ who are obviously friends because you can’t become people with out being friends, yet I never see or talk to them.  But in a pinch….

P8081183So who is a friend?  Who isn’t? What makes someone your friend?  A great time over a drink and a chat, regular lunches and confiding, close reliance on each other, there in a crisis, regular conversations, occasional deep and serious conversations, keeping in touch, or just Read the rest of this entry »

Somewhere between Amusement and Annoyance

14 11 2010

So a friend invited me to go out for dinner/ hang out this evening.  We went for dinner and it was  was REALLY good.

While we’re sitting there chatting and he mentioned that while out with a couple of our other friends and his and their girlfriends.  It came up that these girls all seem to have the impression that I’m into their guy.  I had to laugh but I’m also a little irritated.

He confessed that he might have made it worse because he said that he had told one guy’s girlfriend that I was sad when I found out he was involved (idiot 🙂 ).  Which he genuinely believed.  It completely blew me away.. I have never been interested in my friend, and yes I was surprised to learn he was engaged, but disappointed?? no.  Perhaps if I had known him for longer and better I might have been but I found out perhaps after the 4th time I had met him, and I was just surprised as he didn’t ‘seem’ like he was with anyone.  It turns out his gf/finance was studying abroad which is why he had so much free time, which made so much more sense when I got the story.

Anyway I guess his gf was concerned, so My two other friends explained to her that I’m just really friendly and flirty.   That it’s my personality and I don’t mean anything by it.  Then the girlfriend of my friend that I was out with, made some crack about how he better not be letting me flirt with him.

Seriously I hate people.  Women especially.  I have yet to meet a dumber set of creatures than women.  (obviously I don’t really mean that before someone crawls up my ass, I’m just annoyed and venting).  I mean seriously, if I wanted a piece of that why wouldn’t I have taken a crack at it when any of these guys were single?  Or when the one guy’s girl was out of country?  Oh because I’m not interested???  They are my friends… but people seem to think that if you’re friends with someone the only possible reason is because you want to fuck them.

LAME.  I’m friends with them because we all like board games.  I’m not in it for the secret late night sex game parties (that sweet Jesus I hope don’t exist), I’m in it for the games and company of good friends.

All this lame ass jealousy amuses me when I’m being higher minded about it… but annoys the hell out of me most of the time.  I will never understand the whole I love you so I’m going to be jealous of anyone and everyone around you.  And if you loved me you’d miss me all the time and be jealous when anyone looked sideways at me.  (insert eye roll here)

Plus the dumbest part is clearly these women don’t know me in the slightest because as anyone who knows me can attest to, I want nothing to do with any guy who is involved with anyone.  Given my history dabbling in the arena, I’ve learned my lesson.  Nothing good comes of it… and I stand by the logic if he’d cheat on you to be with me he’ll cheat on me to be with someone else.  Have been very badly burned by that and have the scars to prove it.

Plus I genuinely think people put themselves and what they would do on other people.  I trust people because I’m trust worthy.  I’ll trust you until you do something to prove to me that you’re not worthy of my trust, when you break it then it’s kinda fucked.  But until then I’ll trust you.  What makes me suspicious is when ‘you’ get all suspicious and nervous all the time…. what are you up to when I’m not around that makes you so suspicious of me?  That’s what I think these guys should throw back in their faces when their women get out of line.

lol but maybe I’m just a bitch.

(PS this is a much bigger issue in Taiwan, I’ve run into some of this sort of thing other places… but not like here.   )

You are Some Kind of Wonderful

22 01 2010

… That was the text message I recieved this morning.

That made my day, my week even.

IT was such a simple little thing, A friend was leaving and I was teaching his class.  I knew his flight left at 11 so at 1030 I though I call say “bye good luck etc”, then I though hey since I’m with the kids I’ll have them say bye to him too.  Well talk about reaching out and touching someone!  He was really happy about it, and then sent me that text.  🙂

It’s surprising the things that end up meaning a lot to someone.  The best part was how happy it made him makes me wanna go nuts with the nice nice for people.  Actually, My friend Mel is also leaving and one of her co-workers made  a little video for her saying bye and I am thinking about doing the same thing for my friend who just left as I’m teaching his class.  Not sure if I’ll get to it but it seems like a nice thing.

I’m plotting nice things… hopefully I’ll follow through on them.


10 09 2009

The ‘friend drama’  I mentioned in the previous post is here.  I admittedly lost my temper and removed him as a friend on Facebook.  fighting-kittens But I was really pissed about someone who knew me would say such an obnoxious thing.. even if he was joking.  Here’s the convo…
Him: did you seriously friend dump me?!?
Me:  Did you seriously call me a bitter white girl? and agree with your ignorant asshole friend? He was just an ignorant ass and while he pissed me off his opinion doesn’t matter to me. what he said only made me angry.. you know me.. for you to say it sucked.
I may have been a little hasty .. but I was upset. I never do it, and then I always just let stuff go, I went with the mad this time.
Him:  If you’ve seen my friend magda, tell her to hurry back to taiwan. being on vacation gives her way too much spare time. did you really think i was serious? are we really still in fucking highschool?
your entire blog is riddled with ignorant assumptions based on your opinions. you let your thoughts and feelings free flow without filter. yet you find it funny and have no concern about others reactions to them. i don’t get it. it’s all a little too hypocritical for me. seriously, wtf? what’s the underlying problem bringing all this on. this screams redirected anger.
you definitely went with over reaction to say the least.
Don’t hold back at all (name),
Yes I totally over reacted I was having a really bad day had a huge fight with an old friend and was a might oversensitive. I have a wickedly bad temper and usually do not allow myself to Read the rest of this entry »

Thank you for being a friend…

1 02 2009

Thank you for being a friend, traveled down the road and back again.    You’re heart is true, you’re a pal and a confidant.   And if you threw a party, invited everyone you knew.    You would see the biggest gift would be from me and the card attached would say “Thank you for being a friend”.

It’s the theme song from an old sit com (I’m not saying which one… and I sorta hoping you’re all cooler than me and won’t recognize it ;P ) , which I downloaded on a whim and the show is basically just fun background noise.  But every time the song plays I smile and sing along… regardless of the lameness of me and the show the sentiment is really nice.

I have been meaning to write letters and notes to several people expressing my positive feelings about them.  But I haven’t gotten to it, so I’ll get to here :).

To all my friends:

I want to thank you for being my friend!

I have some really amazing friends all over the world, some of which I don’t get to see or talk to often but I really love them.  Every once in a while we cross paths online, on the phone or in person and it’s Great!

Hmm I feel like there might have been something else I had to say, but I forget now 🙂  Oh well

Hugs to all my friends!!