Let’s get it started

14 09 2008

So it’s going to be an interesting few days /weeks
I’ve decided I want to get a few things done and I’ve been really crap about it. I’ve always put things off until the last minute. Well I’m trying to not do that now. Also I know it’s true but TV is a time sucker.. and it’s fine if you’ve finished everything and then you wanna veg.. but I veg and then try to finish things… appears it doesn’t work that way.

I honestly enjoy watching certain programs, I have always really enjoyed silly fluff I always will it is part of my whimsical side that I like to nurture so I’m not cutting Tv out of my life, permanently that is. But for the next couple of weeks no TV, well no ‘shows’. At the same time I doing the Master Cleanse (sort of, I’ll do it how I want to), and being a Nazi about getting up in the morning. Should be interesting, I get up early and can’t watch tv.. I’ve read all my fluffy books which means I’ll have to dig into those thoughtful or learning type books I’ve got.. :P. Every time I try to do the cleanse I just sit around watching TV.. plus I want to break the habit of sitting watching TV nibbling and eating.. I eat when I watch TV and I always watch tv.. can’t be healthy. Also when you do the cleanse you have nothing but time on your hands so much of your day is taken up with food, thinking of it, buying it preparing it, cleaning up after, etc. well after I have made me some lemonade and some tea.. I’m done. Which leaves loads of time for reading, running, biking, yoga and seeing some friends. Which is what I really want to be doing when I’m outside of work anyway. Tv was never meant to fill the majority of my day.. just the bits when I had nothing else to do.

Speaking of I’m going to make some tea.

Actually I wrote this a few days ago, so I can follow it up with an immediate update. The cleanse business is over, in part because I wasn’t that interested in doing it in the first place and Costco was out of maple syrup. I have stuck by not watching TV, which has been a skitch on the difficult side as we had a typhoon day on on a Sat. I haven’t been training this week, but I’ll be on that as soon as the weather improves (something I always forget about cleansing is running and things are difficult do to you tend to be afraid to venture too far from the potty 😉 ).

The typhoon wasn’t very bad, just dull as usual. But Melissa came over and some silliness ensued. And we went to Emma’s house in the evening for a little shindig. All in all a fairly fun time, and a LOT of rain.