I Learned Something from Boot Camp

14 09 2009

But not what you might think.  I didn’t do one and then learn some epic thing… I’m talking about the other blog,  Boot Camp (bitches, babes, buddies).

I made this other blog, for a couple of reason, to help motivate me to keep on track with my workouts and to help push and encourage a couple of my friends to get into and stay in shape.  Well it was a success and a disaster all at the same time.  As a fitness thing… pffft, but it was a learning experience.

Initially I wanted to keep it a small ‘tight knit’ group, even going as far as to discourage people from joining in until the ball got rolling.   Well I still stand by keeping things closed in a sense, but I think who was involved and how that happened didn’t work.  I set it up for a couple of my friend’s here and invited one friend from back home to join in.

But I think I made a mistake, what I should have done was got some hardcore people who were committed to themselves to get the ball rolling.  I’m still posting on there, but I’m the only one.  So what I’m going to do is try to invite a few people who are ‘hardcore’ to set the tone and then invite others to participate.

So here is the site[http://bootcampb.wordpress.com/],  if your interested in becoming involved send me an email and we’ll discuss it!  Anyone is welcome to message if you think you might be interested!!

bootcampb@gmail.com  <—- this is assuming I can get the damn email to work.

Never got it to work.. just email me at my normal address, if you don’t know it leave a comment I will email you. 😀

Ow fuckity ow

11 06 2009

So here’s what made perfect sense while I was asleep.  On my big toe a little flap of skin came loose, you know how it does.. like a little ‘tag’ of skin.    it must have hurt or something bc I woke up to it and was like.. oh just pull it off.. MORON  Now if I had been awake and in reasoning mode, I would have remembered that pulling it just rips the skin all deep like, almost never solves the problem and makes it worse 90% of the time.  Yeah it made it worse.. woke up REALLY fast.  OW OW OW  Had to really get up get some scissors to cut it off but then it hurt like a bitch.  So I had to find a band aid, and then I had to take a fricken pain killer because I couldn’t get back to sleep.

Gawd I’m dumb.   You know it’s going to hurt like hell for days, and I won’t be able to go running (although I might try).  Well I can bike anyway.

But I do have to take more time to study,  I’ve been falling behind and it sucks that I can’t remember a lot of the new words.. sigh.