The Art of Failure

10 12 2010

Being afraid of failure is STUPID . (<— I should write the book)

Success is 99% Failure - HondaI freely admit I am a moron.  I’m am terrified of failure, coupled with my shrieking fear of change I’m nigh on crippled half the time.  The other half I just rock and stare at the wall praying it will all go away now, it never does you know.

You wouldn’t think it, (or maybe you would) but I really am.  And that’s with my knowing why it’s stupid to be worried about failure.  But obviously I don’t KNOW it.  I know on some intellectual, theoretically level but it’s not part of who I am, yet!  I mean look at the whole, quit my morning job business.  Scary, but then what did I do with the whole thing?  And then I was deliberating over that whole online course I was taking, now I’m just sorta floating around trying to choose a direction to move in.

Why?  What’s the big hold up?  I’m smart, I know how to do things, I’m extremely good at most thing when I put my mind to it.  Hell I’m good at them when I don’t even put my mind to it.  What is it that’s holding me back from…. taking over the world ( 😀 per-say)?

Fear, mind boggling terror.  Of what?  Failure.  That’s right, I’m a moron.  I’m completely freaked that I’m going to try to do something, loose a bunch of money, make some horrible mistake and look like a fool.  Really what do I care?  No offense but I don’t really care what ‘people’ think, so what the hell is my problem?

Here I am, telling you, how stupid it is to be afraid to fail.  Hypocrite!!

Well, screw it! Hypocrite or not, I’m telling you all (and myself) to stop it.  Stop holding yourself back, reach as far as you can.  So what if you fall on your face, get back up and reach again. k8132 If all you ever do and try is what you’re confidant of, you will never even come close to reaching any kind of potential.  You will be like everyone else, mediocre, average, CRAP!!!

Well, what’s the art then?

Do you have to fail?

That’s pretty much it, isn’t it?  You need to stop being scared, and the only truly effective way I know to stop being Read the rest of this entry »

I Hope You’re Afraid, Very Afraid

3 08 2010

Hope VS Fear

Which is more damaging?  Well at first glance I suspect most would say the answer is obvious, to the point of wondering why someone would even bother posing the question.  But think about it a little more, yes the obvious answer is that hope brings positive things to your life and fear is solidly negative.  But is it really that simple?

Perhaps I need to make something clear first.   I’m not talking about dire situation, like mid war or holocaust, I’m talking about normal everyday life.  In those kinds of situations, obviously hope is a motivator, when everything is dark it’s a shining light.  But how often is the average person faced with that kind of situation?  In my lifetime?  Never, how about you?  My money is still on never.  So that perspective is irrelevant, now let’s look at a normal life.  Everything is good or fine, or even fantastic.  We have all the essentials, and for most of us nothing to really strive for, or to push us forward.

Think on this for a moment.  Fear is the greatest motivator of all time.  Why do you go to work every day, save money, put away for retirement, try to eat healthily, exercise?  The list goes on, brush your teeth, wear sun screen, not go out late at night alone, etc.  Fear, it all boils down to fear, sure there may be some out there that maintain it’s due to ‘common sense’ or that they just happen to have higher morals, values and whatnot, but I’m calling bullshit on that.  I can say that I do what I do for better reasons, but if I’m being honest most of it is because I’m afraid of something.  I fear losing my teeth, getting really overweight and sick, becoming old and unable to Read the rest of this entry »

Stop living your life in fear…

3 10 2008

I am a coward…. I always have been.

People always seem to be surprised to hear that. “But you moved to Taiwan, you moved to Brazil… etc” Well it’s a long story .. but I’m a coward. I don’t face my fears, I don’t OWN them.

Well I have recently been faced with a situation that essentially placed me in the possition, of facing fears and doing the things I need to do to get what I want. Or to just give up.. yet again.

I always get what I want, that’s something I have always said. And it is 100% true… but I’m a tricky clever one. It comes with two little bi-lines 1) anything I don’t get I didn’t want that bad. and 2) and here’s the tricky Magda is ass one… if it’s too hard or takes any effort I just give up and forget about (and secretly pine over it). Now obviously I’m not going around saying the second one out loud… because it’s fucking retarded. If your not willing to even try then shut up … coward.

Do something…. 🙂