A Fat Girl and an Ugly Girl Walk into a Bar…

22 03 2010

Go on take this personally!! I fucking dare you 😀

So while I was biking today I had a bit of an obnoxious thought  that was rather pithy very relevant. It was a little dialog in my head between a fat girl and an ugly girl.
You know the one.. we’ve all said it at some point or at least the key sentence of it.  To ourselves or to  a friend to make them feel better.

Fat Girl:  Woah, you’re so ugly!

Ugly Girl: Dude, really? Heffer McHerrson is commenting on my looks?

Fat Girl: Hey I may be fat, but at least I”m not ugly.  I can always lose weight, what are you going to do? Plastic surgury? Ha ha.

(this is usually where the thought pattern, conversation, comments end)  but wait there is more!!

Ugly Girl: Right smart ass, then why don’t you?

…….   what?  WHAT?

That’s right, Ugly girl wins.  So why don’t you?

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