I Don’t Care (I’m not pretending any more, I’m trying)

17 11 2010

Ok so I was a little irked about a couple of things, and you know how it is… they float about in the back of your focus.  But if they keep getting poked and prodded they become bigger issues.  So a few things that were bothering me, came to a head enough to start to coalesce into a blog post.

So I’m driving home on Saturday evening mentally composing what I want to write in my head.  I got home and started, but literally got about two sentences in when Tracey called.  We hadn’t spoken in ages so obviously I talked to her over writing, but by the time we got off the phone I was knackered (was already pretty tired before I got home) and had to go straight to bed.  Not to worry I’ll pick it up the next day.. but guess not.

As usual with me, a day later.. and ‘meh, I’m good’ it’s back to floating about in the back.  It’s not that I forget or don’t care anymore, it’s more that it’s not such a priority, it’s not weighing on me.  So it becomes a draft, and left until it comes up again.  I need to write when I’m in a full snit, if it’s something that bothers, angers, upsets, confuses me or so on, I need to write about it when it’s still hot sauce.

It’s actually not even the same thing that prodded me into action, but on some level it has to do with the same things.  For me anyway.

My instinct is to try to pad it for everyone, make sure that no one takes it personally whether I’m writing about them or not.  Well guess what I am writing about you.  I’m writing about everyone, myself, those close to me and those not.  Obviously it doesn’t all apply to any one person, heck for some of you none of it may currently apply.  The point is I’m making general statements about the state of the universe and how we take things.  Far more of it It has to do with myself, yes you heard it here first.. it’s all about me. So suck it.

Here is what I was writing, let’s see if I can express it clearly.  Let’s the circus begin.

Dear Everyone,

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