Die Nigga Die: public execution style

5 01 2009

So my friend made a video and I didn’t get to it right away because I was busy all day. When I watched I thought, hmm that’s interesting let go watch the news story….

Now I’m sitting here in total shock… I just watched someone get shot… honestly it looked more like a mafia execution than anything the police should even think about being being anywhere near. What the hell are the police for??? I have always known that there are messed up people where ever you go. And it’s pretty common knowledge that, while American cops have a difficult job, they far too frequently just go to violence to solve an issue.

A friend of mine (Canadian) was cycling from Vancouver to California with a group, they had special permits to be cycling on this freeway (that normally they couldn’t be on). Long story short they were attacked and beaten by the police for CYCLING. Many of the group were injured and terrified, they dragged off their bikes, some were thrown to the ground, others still were Read the rest of this entry »