Persistence Hunting: And you though you were tired?

23 06 2009

kudu-bullI read the article on a blog a while back and I’ve been meaning to write about it.  [here is the blog I read it from] <– actually I highly recommend reading this article, it’s really very good!

Essentially, Persistence Hunting is running an animal to exhaustion and death.  Impossible you say?  Not at all, the human body was actually designed to do this, running on two feet is more efficient over long distances, sweating cools the body so we do not need to stop as much, we have hands and are capable of carrying water to cool down and rehydrate on the move.

Here is a part of a documentary demonstrating the tribe that still practices this form of hunting.

No real point in going on and on about something, when others have already outlined it very well :).   I found this super interesting and thought I would share it with you guys.  Honestly it gives me pause thinking about the human body, what it is designed to do and what we are physically capable of.  Each one of us is different but I think more than we realize this sort of thing is in our heritage.  We were not meant to be domesticated in the sense of cubical office rats… but that’s another post.

Off for my morning run.