Little Stories:Games games.. putt putt no gas

6 09 2010

I had a great day, went biking, got POURED on.  Luckily it was at the end of my ride so the chilly rain wasn’t too bad.

Went to games and played games with all my awesome gaming friends.  Some of the off colour jokes were telling were full on histerical.. I’m not even going to repeat them because it would sound trashy and it’s totally going to be one of those ‘you had to be there’ situations.

What you didn’t need to be there to have a laugh at my expense was the end of the night.  Andrew was worried about missing his train, so I quickly gave him a ride to the station.  Only to realize almost immediately that I was almost out of gas.. like the bike was sputtering out of gas.  FUCK.  Seriously we got about 2 blocks and the bastard died… luckily he knew where a gas station was and it died about 200 m from the gas station so we just trotted to the station, and guess what… yeah that’s right since I was just running him to the train station and then heading back, el clever here didn’t bring a thing with me.  That’s right, no gas and no cash.  BALLZ

chuckle, luckily Andrew had cash and managed to keep his mocking to a minimum, he even tried to console me with tails of him running out of gas.  My other friends… bastards, were not so kind.  Much laughter and joy, on their part, ensued.

Sheepish girl here.

Ah well it’s was a good day and the gas thing is funny :D.

Ow fuckity ow

11 06 2009

So here’s what made perfect sense while I was asleep.  On my big toe a little flap of skin came loose, you know how it does.. like a little ‘tag’ of skin.    it must have hurt or something bc I woke up to it and was like.. oh just pull it off.. MORON  Now if I had been awake and in reasoning mode, I would have remembered that pulling it just rips the skin all deep like, almost never solves the problem and makes it worse 90% of the time.  Yeah it made it worse.. woke up REALLY fast.  OW OW OW  Had to really get up get some scissors to cut it off but then it hurt like a bitch.  So I had to find a band aid, and then I had to take a fricken pain killer because I couldn’t get back to sleep.

Gawd I’m dumb.   You know it’s going to hurt like hell for days, and I won’t be able to go running (although I might try).  Well I can bike anyway.

But I do have to take more time to study,  I’ve been falling behind and it sucks that I can’t remember a lot of the new words.. sigh.