24 12 2009

Christmas in Asia is kinda blowage, there is just no festive happy Christmas feeling and cheer.  Not the end of the world but it doesn’t make for awesome time.

For Christmas, I made Eggnog for my University students.. and they went nuts for it.  Which was kinda surprising as it’s is quite boozy, and they don’t drink much.  A couple of them were really keen to try to make it themselves, so I gave them instructions.  Actually what I did was take a crazy rich but good ‘cooked’ recipe and modify it a little.  Turned out pretty good actually.

  • 4 cups of  milk + 5 cloves + 1 tsp cinnamon  + 1/2 tsp of vanilla =heated in a sauce pan
  • several egg yolks (6-12… up to you) + a cup of sugar in a bowl, mix until fluffy
  • Slowly stir the hot milk into the sugar and egg yolks (mix the whole time)
  • Put the whole thing back in the pan, cook on a low heat for 3-5 minutes stirring the w Read the rest of this entry »