I want a MAC book Wheel!!!!

6 01 2009

I know I know .. surprise surprise… I’ve never been a fan of laptops. And I have always professed my loathing of Mac’s especially. But that was before! I guess I was just waiting for them to come up with the right product. As many of you know I’ve been shopping for laptops, and I thought I had found the one I wanted it was an ASUS, but .. no no I had no idea until I saw this puppy.

Everyone always talks about the innovations and amazing products that Mac comes up with, and I’m finally on board. I’m going down to the Mac store and see if I can get one on pre order, I don’t need my laptop for a few months anyway.

Check out this story that was on the news to see all the wicked features, they’ve really out done themselves this time! Oh and I want to thank Danny Choo for posting this on facebook. AWESOME… (Danny Choo is the Dancing storm trooper in Tokyo).

You guys better get in line to pick one of these up they are going to be Read the rest of this entry »

Did you know?

3 01 2009

My aunt sent this video (it’s down at the bottom) to me ages ago and I thought it was really cool.. but for some reason I never put it here on my blog.. Honestly can’t think of why not. I’m assuming that for some reason it just never occured to me.

Anyway I can across it again today via another friend and though hey.. it would be cool to put on here… to be honest I didn’t even find most of it shocking, especially as I often go on rant on incredulous-ness at the leaps in technology in the last 3-5 years… I mean you can get an SD card with 32 (and I’m pretty sure) 64 Gigs, I have a Micro SD card with 2 gigs of space that is the same size as my pinky fingernail. My phone that was some seriously PIMP shit a year and a half ago is practically an outdated brick. My Ipod which is only a year old.. was more expensive than the new one that is cheaper with double the features and memory. WTF…

I have always disliked laptop computers because I never saw the point, yes they are convenient if you move your computer but how often do you really NEED to do that? And at double, triple or even quadruple the price for half of the speed and capabilities.. why the hell would Read the rest of this entry »

Computers, the Matrix, the Terminator, and Eagle eye

5 10 2008

I’m sure eveyone is gonna be like… Magda you’re crazy…

I’m not.. it’s fusking scary… and you should be a little freaked out too, damn it! Yeah they (and others like them) are just movies meant to entertain. Well logically speaking we are parasties on the earth causing far more damage than any other speciese… with no natuaral preditors.. Do we REALLY want logical computers thinking this through and doing something about it.

I read some people bitching about how the movie Eagle eye was ‘ridiculous’ and ‘totally impossible’, the only thing that I was like.. um ok that’s just silly was when they fried a guy with a power line in the desert, essentially vaporizing him… that was silly. But 90% of the other stuff… I know shit about computers compaired to someone who really knows something and even I understand how most of it .. it TOTALLY feasable with today’s technology.And that the shit we know about… I mean come on. Are people so delusion that they genuinely believe that Read the rest of this entry »