Just do it!

19 05 2009

This isn’t a Nike ad… but I do have to say they have a really great advertising department.

I was thinking about it the other day, and people are always on about whose turn it is .. and how many times they have done this task and how much they are owed.. blah blah blah.

Don’t deny it, you’ve done it, thought it and even said it.  But I already did this, or I’ve done this 10 times.. it’s your damn turn.  And fair enough no one should have to take out someone else’s trash 16times a week.  At the same time, really what’s the point in getting all self righteous?

Honestly I don’t have any stones to throw, living in a glass house like I do.  But this all crossed my mind the other day when I was washing a sink of dishes.   See one problem with the whole ‘turn business’ is everyone remembers the times they have cleaned but are generally a little fuzzy on how often they dirty things and someone else cleaned it up.

I have roommates, and sometimes I don’t wash a dish and sometimes they don’t.  I used to be super childish about it and religiously only wash my dishes, or nothing at all.  Now I just wash whatever is in the sink, because it’s just stupid.  Same with the trash and recycling, I just haven’t been home to do it recently, but the last couple of times I did do it I remember thinking.. GOOD my turn is done… WTF that’ stupid so if it’s not my turn I’m just going to not take it out?  If it’s full I’m just going to take it out.    Ok everyone knows that, but do you just do it because it needs to be Read the rest of this entry »

Facebook… Why I don’t reply

28 11 2008

Good ole stalk book.. it’s a fun place to hang I tell yeah. See the thing is, I’m an email junkie and I know I’ve told people this before… but I’ll broadcast it here just so it’s written somewhere and no on can say I didn’t say it.

I check my email, let’s just say .. a lot, some would say too much .. but to them I say.. piss off. 😀 Anyway I get a lot of updates from facebook in my email. More specifically, when people write a message on facebook, I get and read it in my email, but I cannot reply to it there. I don’t always sign into facebook right away and often the message gets forgotten. The other thing is I like that all my sent and received emails are saved in my email and are search-able, so I often prefer email so I can go back to reference a past conversation. So now you know, if you want me to see the message and don’t care if I reply, write it anywhere you want.

BUT, if you want a reply, especially a timely one.. email is your bestest best friend. I’m certain you all know my email address .. ok there you go.

Must clean room.. Mission for the evening.. Maybe I’ll be able to make a nice video and pictures on the weekend :). Fingers crossed 😛