Last Tuesday in Taipei: Chocoholic

22 12 2008

Last week I went out for lunch with Amanda and Rob, creamy-hot-chocolatewe had lunch at Sababas again. MMM I love those Gi Pi pita’s 😀 It was a Tuesday so we all had loads of free time, after lunch we went too look at stuff to buy people for Christmas. No real success there, but while walking down the street I remembered that another time I had been wandering around the area I had found a place called Chocoholic. It looked mucho fun especially as everthing there is chocolate or chocolate based.

I mentioned it, and everyone was like..ooh sounds good. Rob just says, ‘hey let’s go now’ Followed by one of those moments where everyone look at each other and tries to think of reasons that we shouldn’t go. Since it’s a hot chocolate place and Read the rest of this entry »