Canada Ho’

15 06 2009

As most people already know I’m going to Canada this summer.  There was a lot of drama and stress involved but I did manage to get it all sorted, tickets bought (mostly.. still waiting on mummsy for the flight to see her) etc.  I was having a really hard time visualizing my options… which actually is really odd, it was probably due to all the stress. Canada_Flag_Wavy

In the end I decided to make a pretty little chart (or several) in order to make things clear… yes I am a dork.. and I don’t care all the pretty colours make me ohhhh so Read the rest of this entry »


Fluxuations… my oh my

23 12 2008

TempDude… what is with the weather lately? And before I get the whole song and dance of.. blah blah blah… you’re Canadian, why you being such a sissy, do you know how cold it is here… I just want to say one thing. Shut up. 😀 I am completely aware I’m being a bit of a hypocrite, and I’m ok with that. Plus I’m going to be all logical and justify why my sniveling makes sense and all the pansies in Canada are wussies :D. And my justification will ever go beyond the usually ‘it’s my blog and I’m the little princess’ logic that I usually employ. (Those of you who were unaware of that tactic please ignore what you just read ;). )

So I mentioned that Sunday was a lovely day, it was 25 to 27 degrees, sunny and lovely.  Quite out of character for the time of year but I sure wasn’t complaining especially given as I had that race. Holy crap did Monday turn around… it was raining and cold as hell.  We’re talking 11 degrees.  Now I know that 11 degrees isn’t all that cold, I’m not retarded but a drop in Read the rest of this entry »