It’s my birthday :)

23 09 2008

That is all.. I might write something else later.. but it’s 7am.. so nothing to report although I did get wished happy birthday in German that was fun.

(this is later now) So I went for a run and it was mighty toasty out 🙂 and this big freaky dude started screaming (in Chinese) on the street about how big my boobs were.. lol.. freak.. thought they were exciting bound up in the sports bras.. just imagine the full meal deal.. ok that’s all for now.

(more more)

So after an afternoon of sunning myself and talking to my mom on the phone, I taught one class (but it’s ok it was games class :D) and then went home and got ready for dinner.  Went to this really nice sushi place called New York Sushi and stuffed my self silly with super yummy sushi and had a really good time with everyone who made it out for dinner.  Thanks, Tracey, Melissa, Jodie, Thaddeus, Emma, Bernadette, and Amanda!  🙂   Plus I got some fun prezzies, some new pillows (yeah wanted them) and a new towel (mmm Egyptian cotton) a big awesome bottle of Paul Mitchel tea tree conditioner, plus a really cool blue tooth head set for the computer that Tracey tried to get for me (but the store gave her the wrong ones).  Plus some kids at my school brought me picture and cards they made and some little chocolates…

Plus face book had some serious win today, Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday today 🙂  I’ll be sure to reply to you allsoon! xoxo

Need to finish making my bed and then get into it, tomorrow is my big work day and I better get rested up for it.