Do You Trust Me?

28 11 2009

What is trust?  Well according to


13. to rely upon or place confidence in someone or something (usually fol. by in or to): to trust in another’s honesty; trusting to luck.
14. to have confidence; hope: Things work out if one only trusts.
16. to have trust or confidence in; rely or depend on.
17. to believe.
18. to expect confidently; hope (usually fol. by a clause or infinitive as object): trusting the job would soon be finished; trusting to find oil on the land.
19. to commit or consign with trust or confidence.
20. to permit to remain or go somewhere or to do something without fear of consequences: He does not trust his children out of his sight.
21. to invest with a trust; entrust with something.

Ok, well that’s a dictionary definition, but what does it mean to you?  How important is trust to you?

How do decide if someone is worthy of your trust?  Are you the kind of person who just gives it out like candy, or do people need to earn your trust?  If someone has broken your trust, can they e Read the rest of this entry »

Step 9: Made Direct Amends to Those We’ve Hurt

1 03 2009


Have you ever had someone apologize?  Ok well obviously you have, but obviously I’m not talking about the normal circumstances.

The history is long story, and one that while I’m over I still don’t feel like getting into.   Let’s just say I was friends with this guy, in school and in the end he betrayed me and did some really bad crap.  I walked away from the experiences moderately damaged, it took me years to get over the whole business.   But all said and done.. I’m over it and have been for a loooong time.

As a matter of fact I hadn’t even thought about any of it in years.  (probably in part, due to  bad relationship in uni… that put other ‘bad experiences’ in perspective).   On goes life… and one day these is this new social networking site that absolutely everyone is on… Facebook enters the scene.

He added me as a friend on Facebook… I laughed rejected and went about my day.  On April 27th 2006/7   7 I think…  he sends me a message:

How’s it going? Just trying to reconnect with some people from back home. I am living in (_____) and working as a programmer for a small  company here building software and doing their IT stuff and website. I have two great kids (6 and 10 months) and a great spouse, so life is really great! How are things for you? Talk to you soon!


… Well I feel no need to be friends, but eventually I though what the heck.. I wrote back.. I’m good just back from Brazil living in Taiwan.. etc.  Didn’t ask anything or encourage a response.. he added me as a friend a couple more times and  I Read the rest of this entry »