JAZZ Bush!!!

16 05 2009

Remember that movie bring it on?  With the choreographer and his jazz hands?  heh , ok I just spent way too long looking for a clip.. forget it.. if you don’t know.. tough 😛

The point was a while back we were talking about ‘personal grooming’, and how a lot of people especial local here are not big on the same style as westerners.  Heh cryptic enough?

We were talking about crotch fur.  Waxing, trimming etc.  How the one waxer in Taipei tends to do a full porn star job, cleans everything up in whatever way you want.  As her clients all seem to be foreigners, we wondered if she has local clients and what they get done.  Again this sparks the convo (that comes up whenever the whole ‘grooming’ things comes up) about guys needing to trim too (and a lot of western guys do it actually) and then the whole scary lions coming at you in the locker rooms in gyms.

In change rooms here at yoga and the gym, people just cruse around starkers.  With MAD untamed bush!  Seriously, mad.  This last we were chatting about it,  I coined the ultimate term… ready?

Jazz Bush

…. you need to say it with pizazz and do the jazz hands near your crotch, for the full effect that is 😀

Moving along.  Remember that post I made about the shaving vs waxing business?  Well after several months of  ‘experimentation’, I have made some conclusions.

First the different commonly used forms of depilation/epilation (aka hair removal):

shaving, waxing (sugaring), chemical, Epilator, lazer, threading

I have tried all of the above at some time or another (plus quite a number of others.. including this very freaky sandpapering Read the rest of this entry »

Does Shaving make more hair Grow?

27 01 2009

I know that everyone thinks it’s true…. but is it reallly?  Does shaving really make more hair grow?  Does it really make the hair grow back thicker and courser?  I think it does… but has anyone proved it?  And if so.. why?  I mean really think about it… it doesn’t make any sense why the heck would cutting of hair from the outside make the hair grow back more, thicker and courser… logically it makes no real sense.

Yet waxing, epilating etc… makes less hairs grow back and the ones that do grow are thinner, softer etc.  Now that I can understand… the hairs are ripped out by the root so they would be weaker and some of them might not grow back.

So I’m thinking about this in the shower… and I decide.. what fun experiment time!!!  Warning armpit talk is a coming (this is not my fault … this is just the sort of thing that starts to happen when you have nothing to do all day long 😉 ).

So, I distinctly remember when I started shaving my armpits (when I was a teenager) and how the hair got all snaggly and rough… now I’m assuming some of that had to be because of puberty and just general body changes, but when I switched to waxing them (yes it hurt like hell, and yes it was so very worth it) the hair almost magically changed .. just like leg hair or something.

So for the next several months I’m going to epilate one side and shave the other side.. and see if it really does make them different… man if I had 3 armpits I could really do it scientific like you know …. the placebo test group.  Lucky me I can’t lol.

More armpit fuzz news to come :D.