The Toa of Pooh, and the Te of Piglet

7 01 2009

Tao of PoohA funny little back story that goes with this post, in university I had a bit of a breakdown. During this time I had to see some doctors (the main one happened to be a moron and asshole.. yay) and I was required to see a therapist via the school. I ended up having weekly sessions with Maria Walsh who was the councilor at the university while I was attending. Maria was awesome, she really helped me see and understand that it was just a ‘bad day’ and I wasn’t a nutter.

Near the end of our sessions (I was leaving the school and was no longer eligible to see her) Maria recommended I read the book the Tao of Pooh. I remember at the time being very adverse to the idea of reading the book. I mean no matter how much I liked her, she was still a therapist… and ‘they just mess with your head and Read the rest of this entry »