Gaming Geeks Unite

29 07 2009

We drove back to Kitchener on Friday night.  I got to chat with Eric and Vince in the car and then play with Cain the huge Italian Mastiff they have. Picture 080 He is such a cute boy!  And one of the best behaved and trained dogs I have seen, especially when you consider he’s still just a baby only 6 months old (and he’s a freaking BEAST already).

They told me Cain was quite the ‘ladies man’ and loves girls, and while we’re sitting on the couch he comes wandering out of my room with a bra in his mouth and a look on his face as if to say “look what I found!”  LOL  He’s been pretty good but he’s knicked a couple of pairs of undies and bras while I’ve been here oh and one sock… he never does anything to them, just steals it and shows it to you.

On sat we went to London to watch Vincent’s band play at Call the Office, this venue that has been playing music since the 1800’s.  Picture 024Now I’m not big on bands and there were four that night.. the first was ok I guess, and the 2nd and 3rd seriously sucked, Vince’s band was pretty good actually.  Not something I personally would sit and listen to(as I listen to pure pop shit all the time :P), but interesting and I could at least value it as music well done.

Picture 022

His band is called Johnny Hollow, and they play kinda goth music with a cello (yeah I dunno, but it sounds interesting) I actually really liked the combination of sounds. If you want to give it a listen check this out!   You can buy their songs on [ ]  if it’s your kind of music.

   [click here for the full song]

Then we went to my happy place.. and played some board games… unfortunately Eric is finishing his thesis, doing his presentation and then leaving to bc on Friday.. so not much time to actually do stuff.. and when i say do stuff I mean play games like huge geeks and never stop.

If you’re into board games Eric  has a cool Read the rest of this entry »