Gong Show

22 01 2014

Wow what a cluster fuck.  I bought my ticket online, no problem.  Ended up packing way late because work was nuts, then a series of unfortunate events (that really just boils down to me leaving too late) made me miss my flight.   The thing is if any one or two events didn’t happen I probably would have made it.  The guy to get Angela’s elliptical calls as I’m supposed to be leaving, my fault I should have just ignored it.  Sent rob thinking it would be ok, I lost so many things throughout the day and was constantly searching for, my camera, my make up, my soap etc. 

Finally it was like fuckin hell we have to go, so we go grab our cab and off we go.. and the cab driver is like hey sorry I need to grab gas.  Ishould have said no got out and got another cab, he goes a stupid way and that ends up taking 5 minutes it didn’t need to take.  Then there was random bad busy traffic in a couple of spots for no damn reason.  

(side note, this dude is pacing and yacking on the phone, when he was speaking French I just wanted to kick him because he was being such a dick… then he makes another call. First call was to his wife or secretary.. someone who he drastically lacks respect for.  Second call is girlfriend, or friend he wants to be banging.  First call is in French second is in English.  And it’s the English call that really gets under my skin.. he sounds like SUCH a sleaze and he’s not even saying anything interesting.  I literally just hate his accent) 

Anyway back to my story, so we’re on the way traffic clears up and I’m like pedal to the metal buddy, but he’s worries about speeding tickets. I’ll pay just go! Ugh nope put put put.. I get to the airport about 10 minutes too late but I sprint in .. you know just in case.  No luck, they’ve all fucked off and no one is in a helping mood.  Finally I get ahold of someone in shanghai and they said don’t worry you can just change your flight to tomorrow. I’m like don’t mess with me, he swears it’s no big deal I can just change the flight, he just can’t do it because he’s not in Taipei.  Only the Taipei office or my travel agent can do it.

So I call expedia, have to install skype on my phone because (long story I hate skype) I don’t want to pay to call a 1-888 number.  I talk to them 3 times, and the system keeps hanging up on me so I’m there in tears hating the world.  I finally get someone one, and I give her my number telling her to call me if the call drops.  We check a bunch of stuff and finally figure it all out she’s just about the change the booking… call fucking drops.  I wait a bit I try to call back I can’t get through at all now.  So I go home, I figure fuck it, I’ll call the airline in the morning.  I take the bus back, get home all dejected, go out for some sushi. 

In the morning, I get up and am immediately bowled over with a barrage of questions about some wine, will tell about the wine fiasco in another post.  So I’m trying to deal with that and I’m calling the airline.  The airline tells me, sorry we can’t rebook the ticket because it’s ½ operated by Air France, but don’t worry your agent can do it.  Oooookay.  So I call expedia, spend 2 hours on the phone with this guy who insists the flight I want doesn’t exist in his computer which blows my mind I’m fucking looking at it.  But whatever.  So he’s like how about this, this this this.. finally we agree on a suggestion.  HE goes to book it.. and then he’s like hmm there is a problem the airline is blocking me from making this change.  So now I’m on hold and he’s calling the fucking Taipei office of the airline… eyeroll.  After a while he comes back and he’s like, I can’t do it.  They won’t let me, you have to call them yourself and they will either rebook you or give you your money back and you can rebook, and he advises me to stand my ground and insist they fix the ticket so I don’t get screwed.  I’m fine with paying a fee or a fine.. but how complicated can this get???

So I call  the Taipei office and they are like well we.. and I totally got mad (politely) and was like listen, I’ve been on the phone for hours.  To people in three different countries, the guy in Shanghai YOUR main office said it wasn’t a problem… HELP me.  Arg.  She’s like ok, hang on.  Puts me on hold, comes back and is like it’s all ok.  Give me your email I send you the confirmation.  Um… what?

And she does just emails me, all the changes are made, but in a way so it looks like there was no change… the dates even say my original purchase date and price… no fee, no fine… nothing.  I’m completely gob smacked.  To be honest I was kind afraid it was all a trick.

Then I figure hey lemmi go get some stuff done I didn’t have time for yesterday, found my make up bag, got some medicine, was too lazy to repack, but did leave money for ed to take the cat to the vet and got a much needed haircut.  I’m at home just kinda killing time, updating money stuff and watching tv and think heck lemmi go to the airport.  So I call the taxi and THE FUCK they are high on shrooms I swear I ranted about it on fb… basically they were being COMPLETE morons and pissing me right off.  They finally gave me a cab though and off I went… THE FUCK TRAFFIC in the same spot for the same nonexistent reason!!! But I arrived at the airport with plenty of time.

I check in and the girl is like, ok your continuing flight is tomorrow so I can’t issue your boarding pass.. um.. it’s LITERALLY  5 minutes into tomorrow (1205am) stupid but shrug.  Then she’s like so you need to go to immigration get your bags, and re check in.  um.. ok.  You know I don’t have a visa for china… that isn’t a problem is it.  Great she thinks it is.  SIGH.  After much conferring and checking of rules they decide I’ll be fine I just have to show them my ongoing flight information.  You know that paper that I never print because you NEVER need it?  Yeah that one.  UGH.  So they print it for me and off I go.  I (foolishly) think ok this has been a little nuts but I’m in the clear now. Wrong.  I go through security, drink my water… get to immigration and being all cool I use the e-gate (which is usually awesome) you have to register (I did a few trips ago) and then you just put your id on the screen it scans it lets you into a little glass chamber and takes a photo (face recognision software) and it’s like NO MATCH NO MATCH.. hmm it tries again, no dice and now it’s made at me…. So it asks for my finger print (also in the system from the registration) and NO NO NO NO.. it’s freaking out.  Now I’m trapped and it refuses to let me pass or excape.  I have no idea what to do.  Turns out I picked a broken fucking gate… dude put up a sign!! The immigration dude is pissing himself laughing at me as he manually opens the gate and lets me out (back in) and says just use a different gate.. BLARG  I got through that one no damn problem. 

But there couldn’t possibly be more… oh there is.  Somehow I completely fail at the basics of travel and go COMPLETELY to the end of the fucking line in the WRONG SONOFABITCH DIRECTION… I realize my fuck up basically 10 minutes from take off and have to take a dead run in the other direction… I get there and they are like.. the fuck.  Yeah I’m a retard. Face palm.

I finally got on the plane, and arrived in Shanghai.  All has been fine here actually except I hate it here.  I hate how rude everyone is… and nasty.  Like the people SCREEECHING at the security officer as I was trying enter the immigration area.. why were they mad? Because their gate was at the other end of the airport and they wanted dude to magically fix it.. um.. you’re crazy can I go in now?  And China sucks ass balls and blocks like everything and has like 1980’s dial up speeds for the internet… ugh


Finally, 2013 in Review

17 01 2014

2013 Boom .. look at that!!!!   Here we go!

January – Finishing up exams and grades at school.  Busy as hell, pretty sure I didn’t get into much excitement.

February -Work a super intense 4 days of winter camp at work, and then flew to France via Vietnam for the rest of the Chinese New Year break.  Had a great time with Regis for the winter break, but I was super sad because we get to spend so little time together.  One of my students bought me a cute dragon USB with his own money <3.  Got a fancy signature stamp that I played with endlessly.

March – Went to a Taiwanease social night with some friends, met an interesting assortment of people.  Took a couple of pole dancing classes with a friend.  While cool, I was/am in too bad of shape to really enjoy it.

April – Officially paid off all of my debt. BOOM DEBT FREE BITCHES. Mom sent me photos of a moose in the safeway.  Applied for and was approved for a real Taiwanese card! (a very difficult task).  Went to Carnegies, for the first time in a very long time.  May have danced on the bar… maybe .. probably not though. Resigned for my school.

May – Almost bought my first new fridge, but in the end I bought a second hand one from Xiamen Street.  Got a Wii for super cheap (wanted the guitar hero… I play it all the time all the time… honest).

June – There was a biggish earthquake.  Rob and I made a “time out” group for people not acting right.  Finished off my first school year at ChingShin.  Raygan came to Taiwan to visit Tracey and I on her way back to Canada. We all went to Ounce a speakeasy style bar.

July – Took the summer off, except for a summer camp that I did at Chang Kai Shek Memorial Hall.  Finally got my broken micro sd card replaced.  We had a sissy typhoon.  I finally actually used my buy-sell-trade page to sell some stuff.

August – Went back to Canada to see the family, via China for the first time.  Regis arrived in Vancouver and we spent the month with my family and friends, spend some good times with Becky and Phil, then rented a car and drove to see Nadine.  Drove up to Smithers, then back to PG with mom where I made full use of the new wireless paying machines to pay the bill mid meal (I win) was deeply entertaining watching Regis and mom fight over the bill. Regis and I flew to Shang Hai, we went into town but we were too jet lagged to have fun.  Then on to Taipei and straight back to work for me.  School was a mess.

September – Went to paint ball with Regis and some other friends.  I turned 34?  wait… damn no 35.  Regis and I celebrated both of our birthdays.  Thought my Credit card had been used illegally, but no I’m just a dummy.   Signed up for two theme runs (beer and zombie).

October – um… oh yeah there was a biggish earthquake and it was awesome because Regis was white as a ghost! Regis went back to France for his dad’s funeral. School told us that the bonuses that they promised us (that were the reason for most of us to resign) weren’t happening at least one possibly two.  Oh yeah did the beer run with Regis and Mickeal (I stole a case of beer, yay me!)

November – I got a new kitty!!!! Went to Peng Hu with Regis for the first time, loved the island!  Much contemplating of names for kitty. Did the first ever Zombie run in Taipei.. not what I expected but really cool and fun!

December – Had a fake Christmas with Regis because he was leaving at the beginning of the month.  Had a big going away shindig for Regis, same as the previous time all you can eat and drink BBQ followed by a hooka bar.  Had a second fake (but closer to real) Christmas party with some friends, made a nommilcious turkey.  Finished the kid’s Christmas play finally.  Angela and I went to On Tap for dinner and couple of drinks on New Year’s eve, deliberately early and went home at ten.  Because we’re cool like that 😉 Bought my ticket to go to France for Chinese New Year.  Had Kitty’s nuts chopped off.

2014 so far! –  Finally named kitty (Shinobi, Osiris, Sir Dick Head the Third).  Marked all my tests for work.  I almost quit at work, but decided to stick it out for now.  But I’m seriously considering making some changes this year.  I’m looking forward to going to France for Chinese New Year.  I’m sad that my neighbor and really good friend is moving away at Chinese New Year.

Chapter 2 oh me :D

14 01 2014

2011 –   Decided that I wasn’t happy with these pretend personality and behavior changes I had made, in reality for my ex even though if you asked at the time I would have denied it.  Started living the life of “why not”, when things came up I thought why not? And if I didn’t have a good reason then … woot.  Which is how I met Regis, I was having ‘fun’ and it turned it to something unexpected.  I went to Macau for the first time with TPT, that was a weekend to remember.  Started chatting with Regis a lot.  Went to Canada for the summer again.  Raygan came to Taipei to hang out with Tracey and I.  Raygan convinced me to stop being a negative Nancy and let Regis come to Taiwan to see what could happen.   Regis moved to Taipei on Nov 4th,

2011 for three months.  I started hating my job.  I decided that I didn’t know what was happening with us, but wasn’t ready to call it quits.  Rolling up on the ten year mark and decided I’m a grown upa nd I can do what I want, ie not moving back to Canada since I don’t want to.

2012 – I had all the money to pay off my debt, but re-borrowed it so I could I quit my job, and move to France at Chinese new year. Feb 3rd 2012.  Went to England for the first time in April, Portsmouth.   Was really just a visa run, couch surfed and met some cool people.  I went to Prague in the Czech Republic for the first time, caught up with some old friends from the early years of Taipei).  Stayed a really nice and cool hostel, was disappointed that Regis couldn’t come with me.  Regis took me to Mont St Michel.  I moved back to Taipei and started looking for a new job.  Found a couple of good prospects was really torn between a kindergarten that was going to pay me really well but in the end I decided to go with the private elementary school near my house.  Met my new co workers/friends Angela and Candice.  Started a crazy job, that was a lot or work but something very new.

History of Me 1978-2010

5 01 2014

Everyone seems to be writing these, year summary blogs (or letters, like Emily).  I know I haven’t really posted or blogged in ages.. and I may ore may not actually finish this and explain.

So Just this past year seems like not enough.. so I I’ve feeling nostalgic and am going to do something more silly.

My life in summary!

321074_10150328165758425_1018715296_n1978- I was born, I’m pretty sure the world stopped for a second because I’m so awesome!

1979-1997 – Lived in Smithers, it’s a boring story.  My grandmother passed away.  We moved into town.  A few years later my Grandpa passed away.  Went to France on a school trip, I always wonder if this was the beginning of the end. 303803_10150328166543425_714939757_n Met my little brother and dad’s side of the family. I graduated from high school, started working at my mom’s company (Newpro), got laid off  and on the same day received a uni acceptance letter.  Applied for loans and off I went.

294756_10150328172083425_1119687750_n1997-2001 – Moved to Prince George, BC, went to UNBC.  Partied, studied, and all that good uni stuff.  Made lots of new friends, had ups, had downs.  Ended contact with my dad.  Dated, ended up with Erik which while the relationship was terrible and we should have ended it when I originally.  It was a pivotal factor in the rest of my life.  Tracey moved to Japan on Jet. At the end of school, had a conversation with my friend Mike Yeh where he suggested I love to Taiwan.  I scoffed.  I broke up with Erik, and suddenly realized why the hell not?

2001-2002 – moved home to stay with mom (saving money before the move), made plans to hang out in Thailand for almost 2 months.  Got a passport, all my visas, and finally on a jet plane. Arrived in Bangkok on December 7, 2001.  Exited the plane to be hit by a wall of hot wet air.  Travelled around Thailand with Tracey, we took sleeper trains, busses, boats, planes, stayed in hotels, hostels.  Went diving, got certified with PADI.  I got some weird unexplained sickness, hallucinated my way around a tiny town (because I dipped and Tracey was frantic trying to figure out how to fine me) in the south and Tracy found me chatting with dogs, sorry about that.  Went back to Bangkok, Tracey went back to Japan and I headed to Taipei. Cue next chapter.

400966_10150477776398425_1432733508_n2002 – Jan 12, 2002 I arrived in Taipei city in Taiwan.  I always said that I planned to stay for at least 5 years, I wanted to stick it out, make money, learn a language, and a new culture (all part of Mike’s sales pitch).  I did say that if I was still here after 10 years, that I had to move home to see if I was really wanting to stay or if I was just scared to move.  Moved into my first apartment in Taipei it was hideous.

2002-2005 – Travelled to Japan to visit Tracey in March 2002.  Travelled to Thailand a few times.  Tracey came to Taipei to visit.  Went back to Canada, a couple of times to visit the family.  By being snotty, I offended Sammi, made myself less than popular and was blissfully ignorant of what I had done. Got my first passport abroad (was actually my third passport) the guarantor was an interesting challenge. Moved to a much better but more expensive place, when our landlord sold out place my friend Sarah and I got the place I’m in now and furnished it.

196133_17606138424_5039_n2005-2009- Taiwan changed the APRC requirement from 7 years to 5 years, right about my 5-6 year mark, no I didn’t apply. Tracey moved back to Taiwan after her south American back packing trip. Met and fell in love with my ex, who was married and bipolar, that was a ride that went on for a while (on and off for years). Went to Thailand again in 2006.  Moved to Brazil for 5-6 months with Tracey  in the fall of 2006.  We lived in Sao Paulo for a while, travelled around and spent the last month (2?) travelling around, drinking, partying and beaching.  oh I miss it.  Went on a visa run to Argentina, accidentally and illegally went to Paraguay. Moved back to Taipei in The spring of 2007. 208354_18145513424_5463_nWent to Hong Kong for the first time with Tracey and Melissa for my birthday, stayed at Mike’s place.  What a crazy weekend! Also went to Disney Land (even though it was micro Disney) for the first time. Went to the USA for the first time ever 🙂 in 2007.  226920_21520463424_8954_nWent to Boracay (a beach holiday destination in the Philippines) with a big group of friends, that was a wild and great time. Went to the states again in 2008, still with on again off again ex.  Made peace with my soon to be sister. Got back in touch with my little brother.

26383_334470878424_8030386_n2009-2010 – Went to Thailand for Jody and Kai’s wedding, and I almost missed my flight.  It was the last hurrah for our circle, Tracey moved back to Canada, Melissa stayed in Thailand and then moved back to Canada. Had a big trip to Canada, went to Toronto and Niagra falls for the first time, actually the first time I’ve ever been east of Alberta.  Got over my ex and let all that go, finally.  Ended up having a great bonding moment with Sammi and we adopted each other <3. I went to Hong Kong to Visit Gabby twice.  Raygan moved to Japan, and I went to Japan to visit.  Got my finances under control and it seemed like I might actually be able to get out of debt.

Back To Blogging, With a BANG. Botox Bang.

18 01 2013

So I got botox.  Bam. There you go… lol… I didn’t tell anyone because… well have you have noticed that when you want to do something.. almost anything. Someone tries to talk you out of it?  Tells you all about how bad it is, or what a stupid idea, or irresponsible it is.

Amusing side note, while I was going to brunch yesterday I was thinking about how I decided that I wasn’t going to tell anyone because I didn’t want well meaning concern to talk me out of what I wanted to do.   And I walk up to a conversation about how one of our number is thinking about moving to china and working on this project with this guy that some of us know.  And everyone (myself included) proceeded to go on and on about what a terrible idea it was.  Part way through I thought .. see this is why I’m not telling anyone, I apologized to my friend and said hey do what you want, I’m selfish so I hope it doesn’t work out and you come back here, but you should do it if you want to.

Anyway after lunch I was giving my friend a ride and I told her why it was so funny/ironic that I had been sitting at the table trying to talk her out of taking some job that she wasn’t even certainly taking, just something she was thinking about and discussing with friends.  That  I was going to go get botox, but I hadn’t told anyone (other than my sister) because I didn’t want well meaning friends to talk me out of it. Interestingly, I wonder what the reactions would have been if I hadn’t done it yet?

I mean the two people I told before were really supportive.  Actually after I dropped my friend off at the mrt I went right over to the clinic and was like… screw it.. lets do this. My sister asked me to document everything, and funnily I had already decided to do that.  What the heck, if I’m going to do it … why not blog about it :D.

It’s not like I’m really the type to be all cagey about anything I’ve ever done. I have been thinking about it for a while, mostly as a preventative measure, I’ve heard that you can prevent deep wrinkle lines with lower dosages if you get botox before the wrinkles are a big issue.  I did some reading, and everything was pretty clear that it wasn’t as bad as some make it out to be.  Even people who had bad experiences say that it is definitely temporary.   I read up about how much to take, how much it costs and all sort of things. I went to the same clinic where I get laser hair removal.  And asked for a doctor and nurse who spoke English, I do speak Chinese but when you’re doing something for the first time it’s much more calming if you can speak your native tongue.

The first nursy type chick was like, oh hey if you buy 40 unit you get a discount of x amount of dollars.. and I was like uh no thanks.  Then she told me I needed a minimum of 3 units anyway and I was like.. yeah ok you need to go away.  First of all all the doctors I had talked to in the past several years had suggested 12-15 units for me.  So her suggestion was insane. The actual doctor wasn’t an idiot like that girl.  I told him I wanted a very low dosage because everything I had read was that it was better to go with less and get more later than to go overboard and look like you just had a stroke.  😀  He suggested 14 units, I asked if 10 or 12 would be ok.  Because I’m rather nervous about the whole thing, being the first time I’ve ever tried it.. that and I’m going to France in a couple of weeks to see my boyfriend and it would suck to have frozen face. He said 10 would be fine, I then asked if it was enough that I would see some results, I mean why have it done if it’s going to do nothing.  He assured me that I would definitely see something with 10 units and that that it wouldn’t be too dramatic so a good middle ground.

Oh the cost, it’s 400 nt per unit that’s about $13.50 a unit.  Seems pretty standard from what I saw online, prices ranging from 8-20 dollars a unit.  So my total cost was 4000 nt and the effect is meant to be 4-9 months.  They suggest you come back in every 4-6 months depending on your results. So In the clinic, they put a little numbing cream on my face (not necessary but they are really keen on numbing cream in Taiwan) and I waited playing with my phone.  After 20 minutes, I went into the doctor’s office, had our little chat and then I laid down on the little massage table in the office.  I got a blankie and everything  meanwhile the nurse went out and got the botox.  The doctor and I chatted while we waited for her to return, actually he was really good, very confident and calm and answered all my questions clearly.

He did a really good job of making me feel comfortable and calm, if you’ve ever been to a doctor in Taiwan, you’ll know how rare such a good bedside manner is. On to the injections!  I am being treated for crows feet, which to be honest aren’t that significant, and under eye wrinkles, which have just become an issue in the last year and actually bother me.  I think they make me look tired and old… booo! So I got three injections on each side, one near the corner of the eye (for crows feet) and two slightly below the eye top of the cheek to stop the under eye smile wrinkles. The shots didn’t hurt, of the three I only even felt one of them.  The pressure of injecting liquid into the muscle tissue was, not uncomfortable, but well.. I don’t know how to describe it.  One spot hurt a little, but I mean so little that it doesn’t count, just enough for me to categorize it as pain.  The other two, I felt nothing or just a little pressure.

After that, I asked was there anything I should or shouldn’t do.  The doctor was like, oh yes don’t go to a sauna or hot spring in the next week.  I asked anything else, food?  Exercise?  Rubbing the area?  What about tanning? Can I go tanning?   The answer was I can do what ever I want, just try not to get the area too hot for a week, so no tanning, sauna or hot springs but exercise is fine.  and do not massage or rub the area for a week.

Another interesting thing I didn’t know, was that I won’t see any results for a week… well he said a week, but I looked online and they said 3-7 days.  I assume he said a week so I wasn’t calling in 4 days being like.. WTF why don’t I see anything.  Apparently results are in full effect with in two weeks. Interestingly, botox is used for a bunch of stuff including migraine treatments,  muscle spasms, and a number of other things.  Anyway since I’ve already done it, now I’m telling people and the responses have ranged from surprise  because they don’t feel I have any wrinkles, and curiosity.  So far no negativity at all.. interesting :D. I took some pictures, of before during and after.  So you can see what it all looks like.  If you have any questions feel free to ask, I’m a (mostly) open book.

Ok so I mostly wrote this right after I did it, and here is a little post op info :).  There wasn’t much of anything to see for a couple of days, and then a slight lessening of the crow’s feet.  Now it’s been 6 days since the injections and there is a notable difference.  To be honest I’m quite pleased with the results, I might go with a slightly higher dose next time (1-2 more units, which was what the doctor recommended in the first place).  But so far, it’s really worth it.  Of course that is assuming it actually last a few months, it wouldn’t be worth it if it wore off in 1 month.  But I look a lot less tired around the eyes, and just knowing that makes me feel better :).

Anyway here are some pictures I’ll try to make them as big as I can, but if you want big versions you can just ask me to email them to you.. it’s quite interesting all large on the computer screen!

Jan 12 before relaxed

Before the Shot, relaxed

Jan 12 before smiling

Before, Smiling

Jan 12 cream

They put this numbing cream on before the shots

Jan 12 shot

I got the nurse to take a picture while the doctor was doing the injections

Jan 12 xpost smiling

Just after the shot, you can see the red spots.

Jan 13

This is the next day, not sure why it’s out of focus, obviously nothing to see yet

Jan 14

Monday Jan 14th oooh a little less crow’s feet

Jan 15

Tuesday Jan 15th, wow! can totally see something

Jan 16

Jan 16th, ok, definitely can see a difference!

Jan 18 b

And this is Today, Jan 18th so 6 days after the shot.

Ok and here are a before and after side by side 🙂 wadday thing?

Jan 12 before smiling


Jan 18 x night


Really Frustrated

30 09 2012

It’s a long story, but basically I went to France.  And I missed my gaming friends, I came back and no one seemed to come out.  Totally bummed me out, especially because a lot of them were playing DND instead of coming to play games.  I have no interest in DND and obviously the whole I missed my friends and then they were not coming to play because they were playing DND was kinda depressing.  Then salt in the wound, when they would come hang out, they would always talk about DND.  K fine what ever.

But then on the board game group they started completely hijacking other people’s threads.  So someone would post something about board games (the name and purpose of the group) and then someone into the DND or models would completely take over and hijack the threads.  It was annoying, but instead of being a bitch about it and yelling at them, I thought hey… since they have so much to say and I know that the people who are not interested in DND aren’t interested in it.  It would be cool if there was a second group, then everyone could have as much discussion as they wanted without stepping on anyone else’s toes.

Then I thought, Gee I better not tell them or suggest to them to make a separate group for dnd and model discussions, because someone will get all offended and it’ll be a big fight.  So I created a group, invited all the people who I knew who were interested in that stuff to it, made an admin (then made another because the first one left the group) and then I left it.

Jesus… you’d think I crucified kittens.

I created a group.. I created one… yet some people got all in a huff about how I was kicking them out of the gaming group.  0.0 If I had kicked you out, how are you still posting in it.. oh because no one kicked you out of anything?  But hey, people were offended, my bad. Sorry I didn’t mean it as a fuck off, I just thought it made sense.  and I was really surprised and taken aback, I never meant to hurt anyone’s feelings or upset anyone.  I mean I’m not one to mince my words, if I wanted to tell people to fuck off… I would.

So the week after, one of the guys (the one who is really upset about the whole thing) told me he was upset.  I was kinda surprised, but I said I was sorry and explained that I didn’t mean it as an insult.  He spent the rest of the day with me, even had dinner with me.  All the time still all pissy with me, completely unbeknownst to me.

Then the passive aggressive digs started.  Ok ha ha.  Then it got kinda mean.  And I was like … what the fuck?  And it come to my attention that He thinks I’m being a total bitch and refusing to apologize. Um?  I did apologize, clearly you didn’t accept it… but that doesn’t mean I didn’t apologize.  But he’s got a bee in his bonnet.  Turns out, whenever my name comes up he’s taking the opportunity to bash me and go on about what a shit I’m being.

First off, when have I ever… ever done anything intentionally to hurt anyone else?  I’m a nice person and I try to be nice to people.  Even people I actively dislike.  So why would I go out of my way to do some massive passive aggressive fuck off to a large group of my friends?   Why would I sit around and plot shitty things to do to them? Hell I’m the first to admit that I do things without thinking them through, and sure I hurt people’s feelings.  But it’s never intentional, and I always feel really bad.  I felt horrible when he said he was really upset and offended by my creating the group.  When I said I was sorry and that I never intended to upset anyone, I was being really genuine.

Hence I was so hurt by the malice and bs that followed.  And to make matters worse, not a single person went, hey hold on… That Magda girl is a pretty nice kid.  She’s probably didn’t mean it this way… no instead it was silence or joining in.  Seriously?  These are my friends?

Then another friend, who genuinely meant well and was trying to help called.  And the next day his suggestion was that “After sleeping on the matter, I’m suggesting the following course of action. 1) Remove yourself as an Admin of the group. 2) Send private messages to “them”etc. letting them know you did this, and apologize to them for the way in which you handled the situation. Let them know you understand what you did was wrong, and you’re sorry and leave it at that. Don’t explain anything, just admit your fault and move on. 3)Then give them some time to get over it.”

I know what I did was wrong?  So even though I’m the one constantly asking new people to join, following up with new people, organizing events etc.  And I’m the one who goes every weekend as long as I’m in town.  I should not be an admin because one person is upset that I created a group.

I mean come on, if anyone is being run out of the group, it was me.  I didn’t really care about the being an Admin thing.  It’s the complete lack of faith in me, and complete disregard to my feelings.  If I had done something genuinely abusive to the group, like removing posts without reason.  removing members  blocking people etc.  Sure obviously, I’ve done something wrong.  But at worst I made a political misstep, and was insensitive.  But did something horrible, wrong or with any kind of malice?  Certainly not.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally aware that I over reacted and I was more hurt than really made sense.  But like I said at the beginning, I missed my friends.  And I get back and everyone is absent.  And then there is this silly kerfuffle, and I’m sad.  But WAIT there’s more!  So when I’m bummed out, and feeling down crying my eyes out about the whole thing.  I feel like I get kicked when I’m down. No one gives me a call and says, hey I’m upset with what you did.. or hey I’m sure you didn’t mean it they way it’s being taken.  (well one person did, but now he’s irritated with me because I left the group).

And it doesn’t end, I can’t win.  I feel like shit because the people who were my main social life here, either want nothing to do with me, or actually think I’m such a piece of crap that I would intentionally do shitty things. Or that I’m ‘playing the victim’.  So even though for the past .. oh 4-5 years I’ve been trying to organize people to get together to play games on Sundays.  I can’t go, because I’m just going to either end up fighting with someone, or I’m going to feel like shit and end up crying.

So I quit, because I was tired of feeling sad all the time.  I am trying to move on and put it behind me.  But my living room has a big shelf of games, that I’m thinking about getting rid of because why keep them?  Plus it just keeps coming up (hence I’m writing this post, trying to vent with out subjecting anyone to it all), my friend and co worker, he keeps feeling really bad, because on my birthday everyone blew me off (except Rob, Tarra, Angela, and Tanya) including him, and he keeps calling me asking about events or things with our group of friends.  And he ends up feeling like shit, because I am usually in the middle of organizing things, so asking me makes sense.  Except no one is talking to me, so I’m not invited to anything.. and then he feels bad because he just told me about another thing that I was not invited to.  Drawing it to my attention, which obviously makes me sad.   But then I feel bad for him too.

And my roommate, he goes every Sunday.  And he tries to not tell me about it, but that is one of the main things we used to gab about is games.  Plus it turns out, my name comes up, and then there is a complain fest about me, and he tries to stay out of it but he gets dragged into the middle of it all the time.  Sure I talked and cried to him about it at the beginning, because he’s my friend and I didn’t have many people to talk to that would understand.  But when he mentioned he didn’t want to hear about it, I mostly stopped.  It comes up now and again, but it’s usually because he mentions something.

So now it seems I suck because I left, and also no one believes me because the other guy insists I didn’t apologize   And as my roommate says I’m not there to give my side, and the other guy is quite persuasive.    So I do something, I’m the devil, I do nothing, I’m terrible, I leave because I’m hurt and I don’t want to spend my time crying anymore.  And I’m a jerk.  Awesome.

Know what I would have done if it was anyone ANY one of them?  I would call them up and ask their side, I would take into consideration their personality and the fact that I’m friends with them for a reason.  I’d ask if they were ok, I’d be bummed that they were so upset that they felt like they couldn’t come in.

The worst, WORST part?  I want to say, I’m better off, I don’t need friends like this.  But they’re all I have here, and while some of them can be dicks from time to time, I like most of them. So I miss them.  And they all sit around and bitch about me. great.  I feel like such a chump.

Ps Happy birthday to me.

APRC finally applied

7 08 2012

Well after all these years not only did I apply, I did it in record time.  From start to application meeting, basically 3 weeks.  Waiting for approval will take longer!  Course the whole, waiting for approval.. eek.  Because that means there is some possibility for rejection, not that the officer can make any guarantees, but she said as much as she can it’s gonna happen.    It’s just about timing, my boss is saying he will cancel my ARC on the 31st of August and that’s not enough time.  So I have to see if he’ll keep it for a little longer if not then I have to do more BS to make sure I remain legal.. sigh.

So when I did it all I had to ask a million questions and drive everyone half bananas, but on the plus side my interview took about 15 minutes and she told me that I was the first person to ever have everything ready to go all at the same time.

I thought it might be nice to write the whole thing up.. so here it is.. (boring to most of you, but useful to some I suppose)

Step By Step Process For Getting an APRC
for a Canadian 2012
I recently went through the whole process and documented it for other Canadians

  1. (Depends, only took me 15 minutes, free)  Open through lunch  8am-5pm
    Go into your NIA office (National Immigration Agency, where you go to get and renew your ARC # 15 Guangzhou street, Zhongzhen district Taipei city.   Tel: 02 2388 9393) And ask if you’re eligible for the APRC, they will do a check and make sure you’ve had an ARC for long enough (5 years) and make sure to ask if you have any gaps in your ARC that you might not know about.   Also make sure you made enough money in the last Calendar year… the last I checked it was around 450,000nt but confirm with the agents when you’re at the NIA.  You can ask the Tax office for that information if you’re not sure.
  2. (less than 5 minutes, free)   closed at lunch  8:30-am-5pm
    Go to the Canadian Trade office in Taipei: pick up fingerprinting papers
    This was easy as pie, just scooter over, parked by the Mitsikoshi malls zipped up, asked the receptionist and voila.
    6F, Hua-Hsin Building, No. 1 SongZhi Road, Xinyi District, Taipei 11047, Taiwan    Tel: +886 (2) 8723-3000
  3. (10 minutes, Free calling with Skype)
    Call the law office in Canada and confirm what they need from you as well as have them  send you the application form for them to submit the check for you.   Need to call after 10:30 pm  Taiwan time, during Alberta Business hours.  You need application form, sign the release to have your criminal record sent to someone in Canada.  Photocopies of two pieces of Canadian ID,
    Webpage: http://canadianlegal.org/     Phone:  1-800-320-2477

    Copies of my driver’s license and Passport (Canadian) as well as my ARC.  Printed the Documents, and application forms.
  4. (30 minutes or less, 100nt per fingerprinting set)  Friday 13th    open for lunch
    Go to the NIA office in your area, go to counter 58 in the basement of the Taipei office and have the officer take your prints.
  5. (5-10 minutes, 300nt)
    Friday 13th  it arrived Tuesday the 17th and was submitted to the RCMP that day

    Mail documents to the legal office in Canada, there is a post office in the basement right next to the counter for the fingerprinting.  I sent it EMS (express post) and it’s supposed to arrive within 3-5 days.  I also took photos of everything that was included in the packet and emailed them to the law office in Calgary to make sure everything was in order.
  6. (10-15 minutes, free with skype)
    Converting and Processing of prints costs $78.75 including taxes
    Called the law office again and gave them my credit card number.  Also called the TECO office in Ottawa to confirm everything needed for them to authenticate my Criminal record check.
    http://www.taiwanembassy.org/CA       Tel: (613) 231- 5080 ext. 225 or 239

  7. (20 minutes, 750nt) Thursday 19th    open at lunch 9am-5pm
    Had my letter of power of attorney notarized, allowing my friend (that my Criminal record check was being released to) to apply for the authentication.  The notary office was very friendly and easy to deal with.
    Phone 02-2729-3139   http://www.twnotary.org (last I checked their site was down, but just call they speak English) The office is just upstairs of the Tavern, on the corner of Keelung and Xinyi, the door is right next to the Hang Ten.  You’re also meant to authenticate a copy of your passport, but it was expensive and annoying so I didn’t bother , I sent my passport itself.
  8. (20 minutes, 300nt) Thursday 19th
    Arrived in Canada Tuesday 24th, so did the Criminal Record check from the RCMP
    Mailed my power of attorney letter, my passport, the TECO application form to my friend who was getting my Criminal Record Check in Canada.  Used EMS again 3-5 days.
  9. (2 hours, 1660nt) pick up a 5-10 business days later   Friday 20th   CLOSED at lunch
    You can do it at most national hospitals, I went to He Ping Hospital (because of their quick processing time, 5 days)  unfortunately because you need to get health check type B, NOT type A (the one you get for your ARC) which many Taiwanese people need to get, so you might need to do some waiting.  Blood test and X ray themselves were quick. Went back on Friday 27th to pick it up.
  10. (Time?, $107 Canadian)  Wednesday 25th arrived in Ottawa on 26th (2 days for processing)
    My friend took a photo of my criminal record check and emailed it to me (so I could have it translated).  She put everything in an envelope and sent it to the TECO office in Ottawa.  My friend got a certified cheque or money order, made out to “TECO in Canada” from the bank for  $16 Canadian.   This link explains everything you need to do http://www.taiwanembassy.org/CA/ct.asp?xItem=170084&ctNode=166&mp=77


My friend went and got a money order/cheque,  the application forms, copies of their ID, my passport, my criminal record check, a letter requesting they send everything back to me in Taipei, and the money order for $76 and put them all in an express envelope to the TECO office in Ottawa.  Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Canada 45 O’Connor Street, Suite 1960, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1P1A4  (613) 231-5080.  $60 for the EMS to send it back to Taipei, $16 for TECO processing plus postage to send it to Ottawa.


  1. (5 minutes, 100nt)  pick up in 5 days     Friday 27th  open at lunch 9am-5pm
    Went into the foreign affairs police station in Ximen, gave them my ARC and 100nt and requested a criminal record check.  Picked up my Health Check from the Heping hospital.
  2. (an hour or so driving around, gas money)  Friday the 3rd
    Picked up my Taiwanese Criminal Record Check, went to the tax office (open at lunch) and picked up my blue tax paper, went to my boss and picked up my employment letter.

  3. (an hour or so, 750nt)  Monday 6th     open at lunch
    My passport and authenticated criminal record check arrived in the mail on the 4th.  I took them into the notary on Xinyi with the Chinese Translation of the Criminal Record Check AND MY TRANSLATOR (this is very very important they are not authenticating your translation they are notarizing your translator’s signature on the document, which means they must see them sign the document in front of them).  Also popped by my work and made a photo copy of every page of both my current and previous passports.   Then went to my meeting at the NIA with the APRC agent.

Check list of everything you need to prepare

  • Fingerprinting document from Canadian Trade Office in Taipei
  • Photo copies of ID, application form, completed fingerprint forms for your Criminal Record Check (valid 3 months)
  • Authenticated and certified copy of passport, or original passport, application form, letter of power of attorney to be sent to the person receiving and forwarding your Criminal Record Check to the TECO office for authentication
  • Chinese Translation of RCMP Criminal Record Check, anyone can translate but you need them to go with you to the notary office to sign their translation in front of the officer (the signature needs to be notarized )
  • Health check type B  (valid 3 months)
  • Taiwan Criminal Record Check  (valid 1 month)
  • Tax ‘income’ form from the previous fiscal year (it’s blue)     (valid 1 month)
  • Employment certificate (letter from your boss, same one you use for your ARC)
    (valid 1 month)
  • The originals of your work permits, for the past 5 years (at least) and a photocopy of the most recent year.
  • An ID photo
  • Photo copies of every  page of your current and previous passport and if your ARC on A4 paper (You can copy both of them on the same paper, it just has to be clear).