29 10 2009

Although this is much more Tracey’s thing, this video is pretty cool.  It’s about the group for the prevention of negative climate change.

if you’re interested in more information, then go check out their website 😀


(bet Tracey’s going to piddle herself with joy that I posted this 😉  )

Fluxuations… my oh my

23 12 2008

TempDude… what is with the weather lately? And before I get the whole song and dance of.. blah blah blah… you’re Canadian, why you being such a sissy, do you know how cold it is here… I just want to say one thing. Shut up. 😀 I am completely aware I’m being a bit of a hypocrite, and I’m ok with that. Plus I’m going to be all logical and justify why my sniveling makes sense and all the pansies in Canada are wussies :D. And my justification will ever go beyond the usually ‘it’s my blog and I’m the little princess’ logic that I usually employ. (Those of you who were unaware of that tactic please ignore what you just read ;). )

So I mentioned that Sunday was a lovely day, it was 25 to 27 degrees, sunny and lovely.  Quite out of character for the time of year but I sure wasn’t complaining especially given as I had that race. Holy crap did Monday turn around… it was raining and cold as hell.  We’re talking 11 degrees.  Now I know that 11 degrees isn’t all that cold, I’m not retarded but a drop in Read the rest of this entry »

FUCK the police….

20 09 2008

Bloody expensive two block drive !   Damn it… I went running and then I was late for brunch and was hurrying there.  I decided it didn’t matter if I went the wrong way up the lane.. everyone does.

Unfortunately for me, the cops were camped out.. I tried to talk my way out of the ticket.. and in the end it turns out buddy insisted on giving me a ticket so he could meet his quota.  I would have been really pissed about it .. but in the end he reduced the ticket from 900nt to 300nt and I was pleased with that.    Then I was too late to meet up with the girls.. poop so I ended up just turning around and going home :P.

Oh well… c’est la vie.  I went up on the roof and tanned for a while instead 🙂  Then Melissa dragged me out to a store to buy a wig for this wig party tonight.  That’s my day 🙂

Taijung Gangster and his Gun

18 09 2008

I ran across a discussion about this online in on a site called [Forumosa].  You gotta admit.. ‘foreigner attacked by gun wielding mad man’ or something to that effect is rather attention grabbing.   Generally I don’t read Forumosa, but I went to check on news about the typhoon and as it was horrid outside and I couldn’t go out and play (and grounded from TV) thought a would have a little peak at what was on there.  As usual there was the common Drivel… but then! bam!!  [guns guns] I read a little about and it’s so crazy, but honestly not that surprising, that I thought I would share with you guys!

side bar!!! just found this video from the typhoon

Anyway I thought the whole story was insane.. especially the business with the police and the justice system (if you can even call it that).  If you’re interested in more of the story just follow this link to the news paper article [here] or reads this blog of another guy who put it all quite well (so I’m not going to :D) [here].

The Magda and Melissa Show

16 09 2008

During the typhoon we got some of our antics on camera….

So I slept terribly, I hate being sick I’m the biggest baby of all time. I have been doing little to nothing all day.. I wanna go running but I can’t breath.. maybe back to bed again.  Hope I’m all better for tomorrow I have to work all day :P.

Sicky micky ….

15 09 2008

I’m sure I have some wonderful, interesting and fun things so share…. but not today. I’m getting sick and am feeling mighty useless at this point in time. So I’m curling back up in bed and hoping some sleep will kick mr cold out of here.

Instead of finishing and posting one of the drafts I have saved, I’ll just share the video of my apartment, I should really get a full tour all the rooms and everything :). I’ll get on that.

And here is an article about the Typhoon we had this weekend… crazy bridge collapsed… typical Taiwan shoddy construction from, I have zero faith in local engineers and their ethics….

Taipei is floating away!

14 09 2008

Well it’s isn’t, yet… but seriously if the island was ever going to sink or float off. Seems like now would be the time it’s been absolutely pouring rain for 3 days straight, with no end in site today, or tomorrow or could even go to Tuesday.

Honestly there has been much more exciting things in the way of flooding in the city, once all my friends came to my house because they didn’t’ have power and I lived on a hill so my house was dry and had lights. 😀 that wasn’t even a Typhoon.. just a really long rain storm and some bad drainage.

I went out to the park to check it out and took some video, but then the rain really picked up again so I went home. Here is what I got before the rain got too heavy. I wish I could go film now, as it’s been ages since I was out and it’s been shitting rain ever since, but it’s dark and you wouldn’t be able to see anything. Oh well 🙂 Although one good earthquake right now and the whole country would probably land/mudslide right into the ocean…. eep

Here is my video:

ha and here is one from yesterday.. actually I have 3 or 4 more but I’m saving them… plus the 7 blog posts that are written or have started to be written and are saved as drafts 😀 The things that happen when you are trapped inside, and are ‘off’ TV…