Stay Tuned….

14 06 2010

Magdalicious is about to mix it up.. gossip, controversy, sex and obnoxious opinions.  That’s right folks.. all right here…. coming soon to a Magdalicious Blog near you!!!

Kitteh’s in the Myst

3 06 2010

Here is the dilema of the day.  I have two adorable kittens at my house and I have to choose.  And before anyone goes on a song and dance about how I don’t have to choose and I could keep both of them, let me make something utterly clear.  I don’t want to keep them both.  And no I’m not just standing my ground, I really considered keeping both.  All of my protests about the cost etc are not the real reason.  I don’t want them both, if it’s both, then I don’t want any of them.

So down to the choice, here’s the annoying part I made my choice a couple of time, but I keep going back and second guessing myself.  I picked the chocolate one, she’s goofy kinda funny looking and sweet.    So what’s the problem?  Well the white one is more laid back, she is not shy at all.  When she meets new people she is all friendly and cuteness.  The black one is a little shy, she hides for a minute around strangers, but comes out to play soon.  she will follow you around and talk to you.

Choice made.  But then, the black one is weird for a min she runs away and hides.  gets grumpy.  hmm maybe the white one is the safer choice.  But then the white one really pisses me off sometimes.  She’s always getting into things and you can spray her with the water a 100 times and she’ll still do it.  Black lightning on the other hand, gets sprayed and thinks booo I don’t like that and she doesn’t do it again.  Also the black one worries me about being shy or unfriendly.  Why?  Because I’m so scarred over what a fucking dick head basket case Caju was.  hmmm hmm hmm The But just because the cat isn’t in love with everyone who walks in the door doesn’t mean that she is going to piss on things or be a pain in the ass.  She just hides until she’s made someone’s acquaintance. She can be a little irritating sometimes but in general I like her more than the white one.   So what’s the problem then?  Well little miss white sweety pie will come sit on my lap on her own… purr up a storm.  She says hello to everyone.  Trying to decided is stressing me out to the point I almost want to throw my hands up and say forget it.. no kitteh.  The black one pisses me off the most usually with her sister.  SIGH  THe perfect solution would be to send one away for two days and then the other to really see what they’ll be like on their own.  I’m utterly terrified that I’ll make the wrong choice.  No that’s not it… I want the black kitten but I’m afraid SHE is the wrong choice.  The white one is the safe choice… BAH

What do you guys think, please note and ‘keep both’ comments will be ignored and will do nothing but piss me off that you didn’t have the respect to honor my decision to not keep both cats.  So you can either give me your honest opinion between the two and my concerns or shutzenzee. 😀

A Fat Girl and an Ugly Girl Walk into a Bar…

22 03 2010

Go on take this personally!! I fucking dare you 😀

So while I was biking today I had a bit of an obnoxious thought  that was rather pithy very relevant. It was a little dialog in my head between a fat girl and an ugly girl.
You know the one.. we’ve all said it at some point or at least the key sentence of it.  To ourselves or to  a friend to make them feel better.

Fat Girl:  Woah, you’re so ugly!

Ugly Girl: Dude, really? Heffer McHerrson is commenting on my looks?

Fat Girl: Hey I may be fat, but at least I”m not ugly.  I can always lose weight, what are you going to do? Plastic surgury? Ha ha.

(this is usually where the thought pattern, conversation, comments end)  but wait there is more!!

Ugly Girl: Right smart ass, then why don’t you?

…….   what?  WHAT?

That’s right, Ugly girl wins.  So why don’t you?

The ‘ugly’ ch Read the rest of this entry »

Protected: Dear Universe… wtf?

12 01 2010

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Salty and Crunchy, Nuts in Your Sack.

6 10 2009

Ok so I know this is random, but I was looking online trying to find out the nutritional values of pine nuts vs walnuts and cashews.   I was just thinking about what kind I would like to buy for putting on my salads.  I love pine nuts but they are hella expensive, so I was looking at alternatives.

Check out this link for all the detailed information you might want to know about nuts tee hee. [click here] The even have a little about their history and some cooking tips, of how to incorporate them into your diet.


I honestly I wasn’t even looking for all this, but I was really interested in all the cool stuff I found out.  Like did you kn Read the rest of this entry »

Gaming Geeks Unite

29 07 2009

We drove back to Kitchener on Friday night.  I got to chat with Eric and Vince in the car and then play with Cain the huge Italian Mastiff they have. Picture 080 He is such a cute boy!  And one of the best behaved and trained dogs I have seen, especially when you consider he’s still just a baby only 6 months old (and he’s a freaking BEAST already).

They told me Cain was quite the ‘ladies man’ and loves girls, and while we’re sitting on the couch he comes wandering out of my room with a bra in his mouth and a look on his face as if to say “look what I found!”  LOL  He’s been pretty good but he’s knicked a couple of pairs of undies and bras while I’ve been here oh and one sock… he never does anything to them, just steals it and shows it to you.

On sat we went to London to watch Vincent’s band play at Call the Office, this venue that has been playing music since the 1800’s.  Picture 024Now I’m not big on bands and there were four that night.. the first was ok I guess, and the 2nd and 3rd seriously sucked, Vince’s band was pretty good actually.  Not something I personally would sit and listen to(as I listen to pure pop shit all the time :P), but interesting and I could at least value it as music well done.

Picture 022

His band is called Johnny Hollow, and they play kinda goth music with a cello (yeah I dunno, but it sounds interesting) I actually really liked the combination of sounds. If you want to give it a listen check this out!   You can buy their songs on [ ]  if it’s your kind of music.

   [click here for the full song]

Then we went to my happy place.. and played some board games… unfortunately Eric is finishing his thesis, doing his presentation and then leaving to bc on Friday.. so not much time to actually do stuff.. and when i say do stuff I mean play games like huge geeks and never stop.

If you’re into board games Eric  has a cool Read the rest of this entry »

Lazy chillaxed week and heading to Toronto

25 07 2009

The day I got back I was super tired so I did absolutely nothing, the next day was a gorgeous sunny day and we were being lazy as all hell on the lawn just sunning ourselves and enjoying being lazy.  I decided I had to catch up on my finances, which I unfortunately hadn’t updated since I left Smithers (eep) so I had a very daunting task in front of me.. So of course I put it off, but I finally got the wifi password from My other sister and I realized my new heaven!  Sunning myself on the lawn while playing with my laptop!!  postcards_from_the_edgeUnfortunately, updating my money was going to take forever and my stinky sister was reading a book, bitch… I wanted to read too.  Stupid being responsible about my money… Well turns out Dee loves reading to people and I was like hell yes, I like being read to..  what’s this ??  Awesome, yes yes it is.

So She read ‘Post Cards from the Edge’ to me while we laid in the sun and I updated my moneys.  Was very excellent.  It was fun too because a bunch of different neighbors stopped by and chatted with us.  I got to play with some really cute dogs, chat with some fun people all kind of good stuff.  Ok the rest of this story.. aka the good bits are in the other post :D.

So Friday morning I got up hella early, and Michelle gave me a ride to the airport we ended up going quite early to avoid traffic but we ended up avoiding most of the Traffic.  Yeah!  But I ended up arriving early, luckily I have a laptop now so I just hung out online chatted with Mel for a second.  And now I’m on the plane heading to Toronto, It’s great Eric Martin is meeting me the airport and take my bag for me so I don’t have to deal with it and we’ll see what happens from there.  I almost got to go to the Depeche Mode Concert, but it turned out they couldn’t get the extra ticket, oh well.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get a hold of Marcus and meet up with him! (more on this soon I hope)

First Race Day

28 05 2009

Dragonboating 2009 thursday 024Today we kicked off the Dragon Boat Festival, our first race was hectic, we were against a couple really tough teams.  We actually messed up a little at the start and there were a few problems in the middle but we pulled it together and we placed!  Which was what we needed to do to go on.  It was probably the best race of the day, the top three boats were really close pretty much the whole race and we beat the third team by some silly amount like 4/5ths of a second.

After the race, we hung out for a bit and then went to Carnegies for brunch with the Hess team.  🙂 Then I went home for a nap.   Oh I forgot a rather important bit.  I have a little concussion 😛  It’s totally not my teammates fault, but when we went over the buoy, it hit her paddle which whipped out of her hand and cracked me across the back of the head.  And yes it hurt as much as that sounds like it did.  BOO…  I’m sure the maitai I had with brunch probably didn’t help.. needless to say I was  a little groggy after my nap.

Dragonboating 2009 thursday 044But up I got and went to the opening ceremonies, we had some drinks and messed about for a bit.  We went to dinner and then out to Bliss, we were supposed to meet up with the Filipino team but they never Read the rest of this entry »


28 05 2009

我不要人知道我說甚麼.  我知道你會看的懂, 可是我也知道你不常看我的blog.  今天你罵我, 我好不高興.  真的不知道會做甚麼事.  我通常不對, 我做你說的可是都不夠,為甚麼不夠?  你說我們是朋友可是我常常覺得你有一點討厭我. 為甚麼你那麼生我的氣?

今天我很難過, 我很厭倦.  我沒有人可以講話這事情.

More Business Adventures

25 05 2009

Hey so I wrote back just asking dude how much money were we talking about and was he sure it was legal this was his reply:

Dear Sarah West,
Thank you for your response, I sincerely appreciate your interest, actually I got your contact email discreetly during my search for someone who would assist me as a partner, however I would like to be sure of your willingness, trustworthiness and commitment to execute this transaction with me, as I cannot afford to compromise these virtues.
Please know that all aspect of this deal has been Read the rest of this entry »

Happy Mother’s Day

11 05 2009

Normally I would try to be creative.. make some kind of video… or do something but I’m not really in the mood 🙂

Besides I got my mom an early Mother’s day / Birthday gift anyway.  And I called and talked with her for a while about this that and the other as well.  She is ecstatic so I’m pretty sure I’ve filled my quota for awesome daughter-ing right now anyway. 😀  This might even top the replacing of windshield wipers!!

Happy Mothers Day to All the Mum’s in my life, Mine of course, My sister, My sister’s sister, Nadine, Jo-anne, Cheryl, Aunty Lin, Ane everyone else.

Loves and kisses 🙂


Sigh, well it was a good distraction :(

10 05 2009


This was the day I got him, they had put this little shirt on him so cute but he was NOT impressed. I miss kitty.

I was all reved up and ranging between being pissed and laughing at the silly craziness of it all.. but I just walked past the couch (his usual public napping spot) and thought he was there reached out to pet him.. and realized he was gone for the 5th time today.  Now I’m sad again.  😦 I miss him more than I would have expected, he wasn’t the awesomest cat and he was a little too ‘street’ for my tastes.  But I still miss Caju.

Plus I just heard from the girl who all arrows point to, she says it’s wasn’t her and has no idea why I’m so pissed off at her.  I have no hard evidence it was her and I like to believe the best of people so I’ll take her word for it.  I’d rather not think that anyone is that shitty of a person (although that does leave another shit person who not only left cruel comments, but also possible used another person’s name while doing it.) Whatever I’m so done with the whole thing.

Hiking and Stupid Neighbors

3 05 2009

So I was thinking about staying home and chilling out but I finally decided at the last min that it might be fun to hang out with people and meet some new people.  Plus they said the hike is an easy little hike, it specifically said that little kids and old people do the hike.  So it must just be a nice little mountain stroll right?


5may-3rd-050This epitomized everything I hate about hiking… and the worst part is I’m my own worst enemy.  I realized and knew that it so very wasn’t for me when we started.. about 100m into the trail it got all horrid and I knew I just KNEW I should have turned back.  But peer pressure, and I hate looking like a wus etc… So I don’t turn back.  I mean this is a hike for kids and old folks it probably is just kinda crap for a little bit but it’ll level out and we a nice little mountain stroll.. yup. it will.


I hate the guy who organized the hike.. with all my being I hate him.  And then he didn’t even show on the hike so I couldn’t ask does it just stay like this???  By the time I realized it wasn’t getting any better everyone didn’t feel very comfortable with my going back down on my own.  Very steep, probably quite Read the rest of this entry »

Stupid Nadine…. Fools Gone Wrong

26 04 2009

Man I hate it when I get nailed with my own clever ideas…. it’s like a double wammy.  I was going to write an excited post about free samples and how awesome they were because Nadine said she was going to send me some MaryKay samples.

Well as you can see from this video.. Nadine totally got me… and I mean she really got me, I was genuinely Read the rest of this entry »

All the King’s Horses, and all the King’s Men…

25 04 2009

I was thinking of a title along the line of putting things back together, and that seemed like a fun way to say it :D.

I believe I briefly mentioned some of the heath issues I was having, actually I was pretty clear on most things but I was very vague about the heart issues.  Honestly, I didn’t want to talk about it for a couple of reasons, one being I didn’t want to cause everyone to panic and freak out, and I didn’t want to freak my self out.  On top of that there really wasn’t much to tell.  I saw a Cardiologist who told me I had an arrhythmia, that it didn’t seem all that serious, and he gave me some heart medication to try to treat it.

But the medication didn’t improve the situation, the problem seemed to get worse.  The doctor and on-line research both said the same things, that unless you have heart disease (which I don’t) that the usual causes of irregular heart beats are pretty normal and all you need to do is reduce what ever it is that is the problem, and (theoretically) it should be all ok.

But the causes are smoking, caffeine, and stress.  Well I don’t smoke and I never have, I don’t drink coffee or any other caffeinated beverages (to occasional cup of tea just doesn’t count, we’re talking one cup a week).  So that leaves stress.  But hey I’m not stressed out… so I just have mysterious scary heart problems that nothing seems to Read the rest of this entry »


15 04 2009

I really don’t know what is going on with me… I’m still sick.. I’m wheezing like an old man… I can’t sleep.. now I’m elbow hurts like I’ve wrenched it.. but I haven’t… and now I’m wallowing in self pitty…

I’m also crying like a big stupid baby… and I have no idea why…

Before anyone jumps on the SADS wagon I got all kinds of lovely sun on Sat… so unfortunately that’s not it.

Active day for me!

4 04 2009

I’ve been sick and I’m feeling mostly better now.  I have this long ass blog post about my other blog but I’m kinda lazy and don’t want to finish it right now.

Today I had an awesome possum exercise day, I’m not going to double post it but if you want to check out all my fun fun things.. you can see it on the other blog… just follow this link

Ok I’m starving and want to eat my own arm.. and to top it off… I’m all itchy from the salt.

Read the rest of this entry »

Stupid double blog

29 03 2009

So I have two… ok I have more than two…

But for the sake of what I’m saying I have two blogs that I write and post on regularly.  One is this one … and the other on is the workout one my friends and I are using.  And when I write things on there, I have to remind myself that this blog is my real blog… and then I often forget that I didn’t write it.. and then end up neglecting this one.

Ok that’s all, bed time 🙂

Wait.. oh crap

24 03 2009

So I was totally going to write something.. but it’s all gone now… oops… oh well.

Oh, wait… I remember one thing… does anyone know how to see where the hits on your blog are coming from?  Is that something I need to set up first?  (as in what countries)  I know what links people follow to get here, and how many hits on my blog there have been in a day, even how many on specific posts.. but I often get 30-60 hits a day and I’m very curious where from….

If anyone knows, or knows how I can find out.. share share share! 🙂

ah ha .. it’s karmic… stupid Karma

14 03 2009

Karma is a mean spirited bitchy cunt.. mean cow.

Now  I’ve always believed in Karma but not in the traditional or religious senses.  While I feel the whole reincarnation thing is cool and has merit, I think the whole the karma ads up in this life and then you pay or get the rewards in the next life?  Yeah sorry I’m not buying it… if that were valid then you would recall the previous incarnation and why you were being universe smacked in this life.  I mean really, what the hell do you learn from a bitch slap out of context?  NUTTIN

I say fuck that, I believe in Karma.. but insta karma.. or some form of it anyway.  Stuff that happens is related to shit that you have done recently… whether it is because if some sort of universe balancing business or things you bring on yourself from feeling guilty about the bad or happy about the good. Read the rest of this entry »

Sheople! Feel no shame, you are not alone.

25 02 2009

new_sheeple_dees1Sheople = Sheep + people

As in people who just follow the crowd with little or no thought.  Just like sheep, the just follow the masses bleating like sheep.  Well as much as all of us like to think we are far more intelligent  than that, we are free thinking intelligent individuals..  we most certainly DO NOT follow the masses and just do what others do.  Taking all our cues from the other sheep surrounding us with out a thought or a care in the world.

Influence: Social Proof

There are a million instances of the power of social proof in daily life. And it goes much deeper and is significantly more wide spread than you might imagine.  We are all sheople.  End of story.

Ok not really the end of the story.  The thing is, it’s really true.  We all work on auto pilot in order to survive, we have to.  We are exposed to more information and decisions (according to my new favourite book) than the average person did in their whole life way back when Read the rest of this entry »

What does your pussy like?

8 02 2009

Mine likes things that vibrates…   Tee Hee I’m a silly monkey 😀  ( but he really does)

Clicky on this link and vote on it! 😀

Pussy cat pussy cat …. ♥woao woaah woah woah¶

Fun with Condoms

16 01 2009

Those condom companies always have amusing little stuff going on, I got this link from a friend 😀 and I thought I’d share.

And Trojan has their own ‘games’ lol  This was from a few years back but it’s still funny as hell

Sunshine kills the S.A.D.s

14 01 2009

Have you ever wondered why I’m such a little sun bunny? Why I can happily wile hour after hour away in the sun, doing nothing more than listening to music, reading a book or even better… just laying there happy as a pig in mud?

Well as it turns out, I have two medical reasons to be this way. Now I’m not going to pretend that I don’t like it, because I sure do :P. But I really do have real medical issues, both of which happen to have only one truly effective treatment. And that is, SUN! Yeah!

One of the ailments that I suffer from, and I really do suffer from it, is SAD also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder. What exactly is that you ask?

This is a little information from The Canadian Mental Health Association.

a type of depression that follows a Read the rest of this entry »

Shed a little tear for my precious Tuesdays…

30 12 2008

Just a quick one, look look did you see my new header picture thingie?

So I’m sulking because Tuesdays are my magical day off in the middle of the week, I only tech one games class for and hour on Tuesdays.  But this week the magic has been sacrificed, I have agreed to take a private class (bleh I don’t really like privates… ) on Tuesday afternoons because really that’s when Read the rest of this entry »