The Secret Apple

1 09 2011

So there is this book at school… and there are just no words…  So I’ll post the pictures instead.  Only in Taiwan.. I swear… the best part was the reason we found the book in the first place was another teacher was reading stories to the kids and got half way through the book and then realized… WHOA

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Oh, you have got to be kidding me…

30 08 2011

God damn it… I’ve been bamboozled, tricked, bloody well girl-ed.  We all know women are evil, conniving… tricky creatures.  I’ve never been one for the game myself, I tend to be be too impatient to play the game.  Often to my detriment  really… if I were better at being patient or the whole subtle manipulation game.. I’d prolly have gotten my way more often in the past (tho in the long run it’s probably been for the best).

Well  I’ve just realized that I’ve totally been girl-ed … lol.. I would be pissed but it’s just so damn amusing.   Plus it’s not necessarily a bad thing.  I just kinda can’t believe I didn’t see it.

Someone, those of you in the know already know who, has been putting up a certain amount of resistance and making arguments to the contrary but ultimately has been agree with me.  Or even when they haven’t been agreeing with me, they have at least conceded to my point.  Expressing that while they might not agree with my point or perspective, they can see my point and will go along with xy or z.     Telling me that they would like, it a different way but they will go along with my way.

Ha.. I win.. excellent as it should be.  And I didn’t need to use trickery or any of the like to get it either.  Tralala….  I can do whatever I want, regardless of what that means.  😀

But somehow.. I’ve been completely manipulated into a corner.. and the most obnoxious part? I don’t even really mind.. that’s the part that really chaps my ass.  Not only did  I get snaked  into a situation that I very clearly said I didn’t want to be in, it’s one that I actively disagree with.  In general and in principal…. yet… balls.  Here I am.

I have been completely womaned…. They agreed with me every step of the way…. and somehow they have gotten their way. Completely.

Son of a Bitch… maybe I should really consider this technique for myself… it’s bloody effective.  😀

So amused that I’m a complete and utter failure to my sex. GRIN

Little Stories: Things that made me Smile.

7 09 2010

On Sunday, aside from the running out of gas fiasco (which by the way was so ridiculous because I was ‘saving the day’ and then ran out of gas… fail).

But what got me giggling and kept me going for hours, was turning around to see one of my friends bum.  Amazing lol, his shorts were torn from belt line almost to the end of the leg seam.

Too bad he wasn’t wearing more fantastic underpants, like tighty whities, or something in a nice shade of fuchsia.  When I asked him why he was wearing them, it turns out that he has two pairs of the same short, and these were the ones he was throwing out.  But when leaving the house he thought they were the good ones tossed them on and ran out the door.  Not realizing his ass was to the wind until he got to the gaming place.  😀  FANTASTIC  totally made my day .. tee hee.

And today on may way home from work, I was waiting at the light, pondering baking and snacks for my party when I noticed the dude directing traffic was mighty into it.  And when I say into it, I mean he was bouncing around like a happy puppy enthusiastically directing, stopping, and other such trafficy things.

He wasn’t nearly as exciting and fun as this guy, but he was clearly really taking it seriously and was rather enthusiastic.  IT amused me to no end, must have been his first day or something 😛

Little Stories:Games games.. putt putt no gas

6 09 2010

I had a great day, went biking, got POURED on.  Luckily it was at the end of my ride so the chilly rain wasn’t too bad.

Went to games and played games with all my awesome gaming friends.  Some of the off colour jokes were telling were full on histerical.. I’m not even going to repeat them because it would sound trashy and it’s totally going to be one of those ‘you had to be there’ situations.

What you didn’t need to be there to have a laugh at my expense was the end of the night.  Andrew was worried about missing his train, so I quickly gave him a ride to the station.  Only to realize almost immediately that I was almost out of gas.. like the bike was sputtering out of gas.  FUCK.  Seriously we got about 2 blocks and the bastard died… luckily he knew where a gas station was and it died about 200 m from the gas station so we just trotted to the station, and guess what… yeah that’s right since I was just running him to the train station and then heading back, el clever here didn’t bring a thing with me.  That’s right, no gas and no cash.  BALLZ

chuckle, luckily Andrew had cash and managed to keep his mocking to a minimum, he even tried to console me with tails of him running out of gas.  My other friends… bastards, were not so kind.  Much laughter and joy, on their part, ensued.

Sheepish girl here.

Ah well it’s was a good day and the gas thing is funny :D.

Little Stories: Nick with pants

5 08 2010

So when I was in Thailand, the night was silly and kinda lame but it made a turn for the better when I met this cool dutch girl.  And some, apparently, very famous dutch comedian a bunch of crazy brits.. quite a few random fun people.  At this one point I was chatting with this one guy and some dude went flying by and started acting like a monkey, literaly.  It was funny and the guy I was talking to me dared me to say hi to the monkey guy, but I had to say ‘Hi monkey boy’.

So I did, we ended up having a fun little chat.  He shakes my hand, introduces himself as Nick, and then promptly whips his pants off.

o.O I had enough ridiculous maleness for the night.. (that’s a different story) so I just turned around and walked away.

I did look back and saw he was wringing them out, and it occurred to me that he might have just come out of the ocean but still.  I mean hi, my name is nick.. WHIP no pants.

So I’m off talking to Eva, and he bounds up with pants on this time, and insists on a do over.

So he says, “Hi, I’m Nick-with-pants, you may have met my twin brother a few minutes ago he’s a bit of dick, his name is Nick-without-pants.  But don’t worry he’s gone and he won’t be bothering you anymore.  I on the other hand am a really nice guy, I appologize for his behaviour.”

Much giggling and laughter ensues, while he’s promising that Nick-without-pants won’t be coming back.. he said”wait unless he’s invited back”  Of course I’m laughing my butt off at this point, so I told him he I liked Nick-with-pants but if he was nice.. maybe Nick-without-pants might be invited back.

It was a really funny night. Not too much later everyone went home for the night, but I stayed out to dance a little longer so one of the boys gave me their flashy devil horns.

😀  That’s my little story, I have so many funny little ones like this .. I though maybe I’d share a couple here and there 😉