History of Me 1978-2010

5 01 2014

Everyone seems to be writing these, year summary blogs (or letters, like Emily).  I know I haven’t really posted or blogged in ages.. and I may ore may not actually finish this and explain.

So Just this past year seems like not enough.. so I I’ve feeling nostalgic and am going to do something more silly.

My life in summary!

321074_10150328165758425_1018715296_n1978- I was born, I’m pretty sure the world stopped for a second because I’m so awesome!

1979-1997 – Lived in Smithers, it’s a boring story.  My grandmother passed away.  We moved into town.  A few years later my Grandpa passed away.  Went to France on a school trip, I always wonder if this was the beginning of the end. 303803_10150328166543425_714939757_n Met my little brother and dad’s side of the family. I graduated from high school, started working at my mom’s company (Newpro), got laid off  and on the same day received a uni acceptance letter.  Applied for loans and off I went.

294756_10150328172083425_1119687750_n1997-2001 – Moved to Prince George, BC, went to UNBC.  Partied, studied, and all that good uni stuff.  Made lots of new friends, had ups, had downs.  Ended contact with my dad.  Dated, ended up with Erik which while the relationship was terrible and we should have ended it when I originally.  It was a pivotal factor in the rest of my life.  Tracey moved to Japan on Jet. At the end of school, had a conversation with my friend Mike Yeh where he suggested I love to Taiwan.  I scoffed.  I broke up with Erik, and suddenly realized why the hell not?

2001-2002 – moved home to stay with mom (saving money before the move), made plans to hang out in Thailand for almost 2 months.  Got a passport, all my visas, and finally on a jet plane. Arrived in Bangkok on December 7, 2001.  Exited the plane to be hit by a wall of hot wet air.  Travelled around Thailand with Tracey, we took sleeper trains, busses, boats, planes, stayed in hotels, hostels.  Went diving, got certified with PADI.  I got some weird unexplained sickness, hallucinated my way around a tiny town (because I dipped and Tracey was frantic trying to figure out how to fine me) in the south and Tracy found me chatting with dogs, sorry about that.  Went back to Bangkok, Tracey went back to Japan and I headed to Taipei. Cue next chapter.

400966_10150477776398425_1432733508_n2002 – Jan 12, 2002 I arrived in Taipei city in Taiwan.  I always said that I planned to stay for at least 5 years, I wanted to stick it out, make money, learn a language, and a new culture (all part of Mike’s sales pitch).  I did say that if I was still here after 10 years, that I had to move home to see if I was really wanting to stay or if I was just scared to move.  Moved into my first apartment in Taipei it was hideous.

2002-2005 – Travelled to Japan to visit Tracey in March 2002.  Travelled to Thailand a few times.  Tracey came to Taipei to visit.  Went back to Canada, a couple of times to visit the family.  By being snotty, I offended Sammi, made myself less than popular and was blissfully ignorant of what I had done. Got my first passport abroad (was actually my third passport) the guarantor was an interesting challenge. Moved to a much better but more expensive place, when our landlord sold out place my friend Sarah and I got the place I’m in now and furnished it.

196133_17606138424_5039_n2005-2009- Taiwan changed the APRC requirement from 7 years to 5 years, right about my 5-6 year mark, no I didn’t apply. Tracey moved back to Taiwan after her south American back packing trip. Met and fell in love with my ex, who was married and bipolar, that was a ride that went on for a while (on and off for years). Went to Thailand again in 2006.  Moved to Brazil for 5-6 months with Tracey  in the fall of 2006.  We lived in Sao Paulo for a while, travelled around and spent the last month (2?) travelling around, drinking, partying and beaching.  oh I miss it.  Went on a visa run to Argentina, accidentally and illegally went to Paraguay. Moved back to Taipei in The spring of 2007. 208354_18145513424_5463_nWent to Hong Kong for the first time with Tracey and Melissa for my birthday, stayed at Mike’s place.  What a crazy weekend! Also went to Disney Land (even though it was micro Disney) for the first time. Went to the USA for the first time ever 🙂 in 2007.  226920_21520463424_8954_nWent to Boracay (a beach holiday destination in the Philippines) with a big group of friends, that was a wild and great time. Went to the states again in 2008, still with on again off again ex.  Made peace with my soon to be sister. Got back in touch with my little brother.

26383_334470878424_8030386_n2009-2010 – Went to Thailand for Jody and Kai’s wedding, and I almost missed my flight.  It was the last hurrah for our circle, Tracey moved back to Canada, Melissa stayed in Thailand and then moved back to Canada. Had a big trip to Canada, went to Toronto and Niagra falls for the first time, actually the first time I’ve ever been east of Alberta.  Got over my ex and let all that go, finally.  Ended up having a great bonding moment with Sammi and we adopted each other <3. I went to Hong Kong to Visit Gabby twice.  Raygan moved to Japan, and I went to Japan to visit.  Got my finances under control and it seemed like I might actually be able to get out of debt.


Dear Royal Bank: Fail

17 10 2011

So I had some financial woes of late, it’s a long story but essentially something happened to my bank account and I had to rush and put all my money on my credit card.  But then there was no money in my account to make their metered out payments, and it was around Chinese New Year so that means no real money coming in for a month or so to send money home.

Anyway it was a bit of a mess, and when I tried to talk to them about it, all they would do is spout parroted bullshit with out any thought.   That’s assuming they would talk to me at all and not be incredibly rude and condescending.   So I ended up just writing it off, I’d make a payment when I was able to send money home.  Normally that would be in a month, two tops… but because of Chinese New Year it ended up taking 3 months to get enough money together to be worth sending home.

My card got cut off, and no one called me or informed me of what was happening.  The only reason I even found out was because I couldn’t update apps on my ipod, and when I called the bank, everyone I talked to was unbelievable rude.  Like I was some sort of  degenerate who had be accumulating mountains of debt and paying nothing for years, as opposed to I missed two payment I live overseas and I contacted then and let them know in advance.  Assholes.

I got pissed off with the rudeness and  asked to be transferred to someone else with manners.  After much BS I finally got someone who didn’t have their head in their ass, got everything sorted out and then I specifically asked if I was going to be running into any other issues or problems in relation to this situation.  I was assured that I wouldn’t and happily went about my life.

Oh another unforeseen shit fest was, I applied for a loan online but wasn’t able to complete it, it would have paid off my credit card and been at a much lower interest rate.  I needed to be in Canada and walk into a bank to sign the papers, but then all this happened and temporarily screwed my credit rating so I couldn’t get the loan while I was home.. most annoying part?  My credit rating corrected within 2-3 months when I was no longer in the country… annoying.

Then, in August they jack my interest rate.. ASSHOLES.  I pay for a low interest rate card and then they bump my interest up…dicks.  I call, pitch a fit and am again treated like a complete piece of shit.  I progressively get more pissed off, and finally get someone polite who agrees that the bank actually screwed up, but she’s not high enough up to change or fix anything.  She promises to talk to people and call me back.  No call, they have completely failed at communicating with and getting back to me.  GRRR

So I call again, pitch a bit of a fit, and insist on speaking to manager, they have taken another installment of interest at this ridiculous rate and everyone is so rude.  There is no manager on, but this girl takes the whole story down and swears someone will call in 24-48 hours max.  Four days later no god damn call.

Now in this time, it occurs to me that I really should just tell them to stuff it.  I mean if I let the card default, let it go into collections, wait a while then contact collections  I can pay it back at 30-50 cents on the dollar.  So I get to keep my money now, don’t have to borrow money from my friend and i’m kinda debt free now.  BITCHES.  sure it messes up my credit rating, in a country I don’t live in and have no intentions of going back to anytime soon.  Shrug, what do I care?

And if I wasn’t such a god damn goodie two shoes…. that is exactly what I would do.  So lame, I wish I was badder…. but given how badly Visa was behaving  I was ready to be bad.

But.. sigh… this week I called and actually got someone intelligent and polite on the phone, who listened to me rant and actually tried to fix things.  Returned the last interest payment (the interest rate had already been fixed) so they returned all they money they took illegitimately plus some.  When I said wasn’t really enough, I got a genuine apology and he offered me a different card with some points that would give me some merch.

Honestly, it still isn’t enough but I’m damn well taking it, I will pay my visa off.  But I am definitely going to investigate other banks credit cards and what they can do for me.  I’m a good customer, and they don’t seem to get that.

I have paid the thing off, but I’m completely unimpressed.

You’d think I’d better at this blogging thingie

19 07 2011

Part of my problem is I put things off…  First I was a grumpy gus and I didn’t have anything interesting to say.. then it was that I was having too much fun and didn’t really have all that much down time to write about all the fun I was having… Damned if you do and damned if you don’t, When I finally got everything all balanced out… then it was too daunting of a task.  It’s like when your room has gone to the 7th layer of hell, and you have no idea where to begin.  Sigh (I know I’m so hard done by :P)

Anyway, here I am in the Manila airport, which still sucks… but vaguely less given that they now seem to have internet (spotty tho it may be).   So Canada… general impressions.

Well, they managed to piss me off with in 5 minutes of my deplaning.  No duty free store on entry (what…  lame.. especially as I didn’t bring any toiletries bc I was planning on getting them in duty free on the way in)  then, I got to listen to a very nice woman who was friendly enough but shockingly racist and completely unaware of it.  (We all have our little or big bigotries, but  you could at least pretend to acknowledge  them..) , but still none of this is a crisis.. minor annoyances.  Then I discover that they don’t allow non residents to reclaim their sales taxes on departure… neener .. you’re not using any of the infrastructure .. but  fuck you.. you’re paying the taxes for them.  Buncha dicks in the Canadian Government.  Sigh whatever.

It wasn’t all bad… some things about Canada I long for and miss dearly.  I miss my people, my friends and Family, it wasn’t as hard saying goodbye this time.  But I do miss them all.  And if you’ve never been, Canada is beautiful.  I mean really really beautiful.  The air is clean, the people are (at least superficially) friendly and nice (Although there were a shocking number of snobby cunts… yeah I said it.. get over it.)  My brother in law took me on a ride on his motorbike, and it was just gorgeous, I saw Canadian geese… I haven”t seen them in ages.  Swoon Geeses :D.

There is much more to the story, but I’m aiming for generalities.. and we’ll hope for more filling in later.  Mom and I rented a car, and drove all over hell’s half acre… You know how Canada is beautiful?  It really is.. it’s also HUGE.. like stupid retarded mentally incomprehensible huge.  We drove across the south, to Osoyoose (or as I  like to call it .. Soy-sauce) to see Nadine.. yay.  Then we went off through the crow’s nest pass… man I don’t recommend that at night… Dead and living deer all over the damn place.  Mostly killed by semi trucks, but it made for tense driving, constantly on the lookout for the damn deer.

I’ll resist mocking Alberta’s highways.. ok mostly… come on people that isn’t a corner.. and it’s definitely not one that needs that much attention and signs trying to warn me of the turn in the road.. lame. lol.

We got into Calgary at stupid o’clock in the morning, crashed for a few hours and then visited with my cousin.  On the road again to Edmonton (St. Albert actually), we stayed at my Aunt’s house for a week.  It was great seeing my Aunt and Uncle, I was quite close with them all growing up.  My uncle has always been more of a father figure rather than some distant uncle.  So his being sick, re Read the rest of this entry »

Are you an Organ Donor?

7 12 2010

I often wonder why it’s not automatic, organ donation that is.  If someone comes into an emergency room.. and they can’t be saved their organs should be automatically donated, unless they have specifically stated they don’t want to donate.

Instead, the way it is now, if someone dies and hasn’t previously stated on their medical records or drivers license they want to be an organ donor.. then tough noogies.  So then the decision falls to the grieving family to decide to cut up their family to save strangers.   Most people aren’t that big, they are too selfish and can’t look past their own grief to help someone.  Give them a week or two, and they probably would.. but the organs are only viable for up to 24 hours (72 for kidneys) after death.

[lots of information about donations here]

Plus did you know, just because you have said once upon a time you that you wanted to be an organ donor, it doesn’t mean that you ar Read the rest of this entry »

Happy Birthday Bex :D

29 09 2009

I’m stealing your idea.. why because it was good 😀

Picture 114It’s my friend Becky’s birthday.  Becky is super awesome cool, and tons of fun.  I think my favourite was the time that I showed up and rang her door bell with no advanced warning, from Taiwan :D.  Although cruising the beach on Canada and enjoying the “scenery”.. that was pretty epic too!

I only get to see her every couple of years when I go home, I’m still waiting on my visit over here :D.  But I always have a great time, and I really look forward Picture 122to the times we do hang out.  Especially as we both have been working on being awesome possum, it’s great having someone cool to confer with who totally gets the need to have positive, fabu people to interact with.

Becky and I have a funny little history, she was my classmate’s little sister and our mom’s where friends.

Picture 141 Bex was having trouble with math so I used to go over and tutor her a couple times a week and hang out afterward.  She was always fun, and good for a giggle.  Didn’t really bother us, but it was a little weird back in school to be friends with someone a couple years out of your grade.  That’s us always pushing that envelope (in a good way! :D)

One thing I have to say, is I really love and appreciate how awesome Becky has always been.  I have a lot of different types and styles of friends.  But I have always been able to count on Becky for an ear, shoulder, hand (just full of handy body parts :P)Picture 263 and most awesome an encouraging word.  Perhaps you don’t know how important that kind of thing is, but it has value beyond words.

Hugs Becky!!!  I love you.

Happy International Becky day! W00T!

See how nice I am?  Didn’t add anything about how you sneak into pictures, steal lip-gloss (and then give yours up to throw people off the sent), and full on plot PLOT I say. GRIN.

Tee hee… times twelvety five.  But Becky… what we all really want, nay NEED to know is do you like sausage?

Picture 219

Picture 258

Picture 135

Canada’s Wonderland

16 09 2009

I feel like I should write this big ass post about Canada’s Wonderland… but honestly why?  I had a great time there with my friends, I really wish I could have gone again this past trip.  It’s a fun place.  What else is there?

Well there is this video  WOOO Tee hee… they told me no Camera… rebel 😀 Seriously though watch the video!!  Most excellent good times, plus you can laugh at Gabs and I screaming the whole time… Gabs has quite the set of lungs on her!

And there are a bunch of pictures from the day on FaceBook [here]

If you’re ever in TO and you like amusement parks (if you don’t what are you doing hanging out with me????) Go!!! It’s totally worth it.

But make sure to buy your tickets ahead of time, I think the place was called Mac’s Milk (some convenience store) or online… there are ways to get discounts (instructions here) so you pay 30 something instead of 50 :D.. but really if you live in the area a season’s pass is totally worth it..

Letters Last Night

31 08 2009

I’ve been going through some stuff, throwing things out, cleaning etc.  And I came across a couple of letters I had kept.  Something about snail mail, you just don’t want to throw it away.

I wish I hadn’t deleted all the emails from my ex, but I did and they are gone now.  He freaked out at me for being  a bitch, that he thought I was a shit friend and wanted nothing to do with me.  I think it was a year or so after I had moved here.  Maybe it was only 6 months, buy either way he said some hurtful things that can never be taken back. And that was it for me, I couldn’t take Read the rest of this entry »