The Secret Apple

1 09 2011

So there is this book at school… and there are just no words…  So I’ll post the pictures instead.  Only in Taiwan.. I swear… the best part was the reason we found the book in the first place was another teacher was reading stories to the kids and got half way through the book and then realized… WHOA

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The Art of Failure

10 12 2010

Being afraid of failure is STUPID . (<— I should write the book)

Success is 99% Failure - HondaI freely admit I am a moron.  I’m am terrified of failure, coupled with my shrieking fear of change I’m nigh on crippled half the time.  The other half I just rock and stare at the wall praying it will all go away now, it never does you know.

You wouldn’t think it, (or maybe you would) but I really am.  And that’s with my knowing why it’s stupid to be worried about failure.  But obviously I don’t KNOW it.  I know on some intellectual, theoretically level but it’s not part of who I am, yet!  I mean look at the whole, quit my morning job business.  Scary, but then what did I do with the whole thing?  And then I was deliberating over that whole online course I was taking, now I’m just sorta floating around trying to choose a direction to move in.

Why?  What’s the big hold up?  I’m smart, I know how to do things, I’m extremely good at most thing when I put my mind to it.  Hell I’m good at them when I don’t even put my mind to it.  What is it that’s holding me back from…. taking over the world ( 😀 per-say)?

Fear, mind boggling terror.  Of what?  Failure.  That’s right, I’m a moron.  I’m completely freaked that I’m going to try to do something, loose a bunch of money, make some horrible mistake and look like a fool.  Really what do I care?  No offense but I don’t really care what ‘people’ think, so what the hell is my problem?

Here I am, telling you, how stupid it is to be afraid to fail.  Hypocrite!!

Well, screw it! Hypocrite or not, I’m telling you all (and myself) to stop it.  Stop holding yourself back, reach as far as you can.  So what if you fall on your face, get back up and reach again. k8132 If all you ever do and try is what you’re confidant of, you will never even come close to reaching any kind of potential.  You will be like everyone else, mediocre, average, CRAP!!!

Well, what’s the art then?

Do you have to fail?

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Dreaming of Seth Godin

1 12 2010

Do you ever wonder what it is like to be Seth Godin, or anyone else that people listen to?  I read three pro blogs, Seth’s, Tim Ferriss‘, and another dude named Chris… and the last continually reference Seth’s blog.

I mean this guy is spitting out thoughts, pearls, ideas etc.  And yeah they are good and interesting, but a lot of them aren’t all that earth shattering.  Many times myself and many other ‘unimportant people’ have said the same kind of things, sometimes actually the same thing.  But no one noticed or cared, but when Seth says it everyone sits up and takes notice.   When Seth writes something, millions of people take note, read refrence, and share the information.  Look at his blog, hundreds of people like each post on Facebook, they share it on twitter they comment.  Hundreds, nay,  thousands of people check in each day just to see what he has said.

When I write something ‘ones’ of people… nigh on ‘tens’ of people sit up and go hmm interesting.  Not that I mind all that much, but sometimes I wonder what it’s like to be Seth Godin.  To be someone that people listen to and respect just for who you are and what you say.  🙂

Lie to me, Biatch!

15 11 2009

So there is this show that started last year that I’m super into.  Called, you guessed it, Lie to me.   It’s all based on the science of this guy called Dr. Paul Ekman, it’s one of the coolest shows I’ve ever seen if for no other reason that the whole thing is based on real stuff. lietome It’s all about micro expressions, and how you can tell people are lying.  They have all kinds of real life references, pictures etc of famous people that have been later been proven to be lying. (like that OJ kid)

Well every since I saw the show ‘Lie to me’ I have been really interested in the whole topic and with a little research I discovered that not only was it all based on real stuff the main character is (loosely) based on a real guy, who is an actual consultant on the show.  Not only does he consult on the show but Ekman does some vlogs to break down the science behind some of the stuff touched on in ‘Lie to me’.  I, unfortunately not living Read the rest of this entry »

Getting What You Want: 3 Easy Steps

22 09 2009

Step one:  Figure out what it is you really want.

Sounds easy right?  Pfft, totally isn’t at least not in my experience.  And honestly I think this is the number one thing that hold people back.  I could just write this WHOLE post about this and leave it at that.  I won’t but I could.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone has an ‘idea’ of what it is they want.  You might even be really specific, but how many times have you wanted something and not gotten it.  A lot?  Well then, are you sure that’s what you really wanted?  Dig deep, hindsight is super clear.  Can you see all the little ways you ham-stringed and sabotaged yourself?  Did you change your mind a hundred little times, never moving in any clear decisive direction?

Sit down and write it out, what is that you want?  In great and clear detail.  BAM

Step Two: Take Action

Well duh, if I want it obviously I’m going to try to get it.  Oh yeah… REALLY??  How many times have you thought I want (a better paying job, to travel, a nicer boy/girlfriend, more free time, to get in better shape, lose weight.. the list goes on)?  Well if you thought it and then did it.. I have no idea why you’re reading this right now other than for the melodious sound of my imaginary voice in your head.

Obviously you have to take action, yet we often don’t.  Why?  Well see above, perhaps you don’t Read the rest of this entry »

Make Your own Happiness

25 08 2009

Have you ever noticed that when you want something, and then you don’t get it, you don’t seem to really care?  Now that you can’t have it, what ever it was becomes less attractive.  You don’t really want it anymore.

It’s an actual thing!  This video is super interesting, it talks about how we naturally trend toward making ourselves happy and satisfied.

If something we want becomes unavailable we begin to lose interest, also and I found this extra interesting, apparently once we make a decision we instantly begin to Read the rest of this entry »

Thanks Amazon

14 07 2009

I am appeased… two of my books have already arrived.

Well done, thank you Amazon. You very seriously failed at the begining and middle but in the end seemed to pull it together. Sucks <– with some resolution in the end

13 07 2009

Being back in my home town has reminded me why I grew up hating the states.  For one thing it’s just part of the social ‘joking’ culture of northern rural towns and there is a lot of bitterness at the American companies that clearly take advantage of Canada and it’s resources.  The water, the hydro, and lumber it is pretty offensive that it’s cheaper to buy BC lumber in the US and ship it back to Bc that to just buy it in Bc due to some fancy fan-dangling that the companies have done.. not to mention the how  they raised and illegal tariff on lumber bankrupted all the companies bought them out and by the time the courts had ruled and ordered them to pay back damages.. they were just paying Damages back to themselves as they had bought everyone out.  There is good business and dirty business… that’s down right dirty.

Not say I’m back to my old hating ways, just that I have a little more insight as to why I hated the USA so much before, and why so many people and countries still do.

And on to why the USA doesn’t suck and back to the Title., which is the US page is just full of awesome they answer you quickly they almost always have the lowest prices even if you have to pay for shipping, they ship to you almost guarantee-ably faster than the ‘estimated shipping time’ and your stuff always arrives at the beginning of the projected arrival period and usually even before that.  So if  something takes a little longer every now and again, you’re not too irritated about it.  Also if you use free shipping (aka you bought a bunch of crap from them) they do their best to ship it to you reasonably quickly instead of saying “you didn’t Read the rest of this entry »

The Toa of Pooh, and the Te of Piglet

7 01 2009

Tao of PoohA funny little back story that goes with this post, in university I had a bit of a breakdown. During this time I had to see some doctors (the main one happened to be a moron and asshole.. yay) and I was required to see a therapist via the school. I ended up having weekly sessions with Maria Walsh who was the councilor at the university while I was attending. Maria was awesome, she really helped me see and understand that it was just a ‘bad day’ and I wasn’t a nutter.

Near the end of our sessions (I was leaving the school and was no longer eligible to see her) Maria recommended I read the book the Tao of Pooh. I remember at the time being very adverse to the idea of reading the book. I mean no matter how much I liked her, she was still a therapist… and ‘they just mess with your head and Read the rest of this entry »

Book: Influence, Science and Practice

15 12 2008

I don’t often talk about the books I read… likely due to the fact that they are often pure fluffy drivel. I’m going to state here and now… I love my fluffy garbage books Science and influenceand I won’t apologize for it. Personally I great dislike all those ‘great classics’, war and peace , a tale of two cities BLEH! But many people enjoy them and find them to be extremely educational and stimulating, I like dragons, each to their own. {shrug}

Recently I have been reading this book I got while I was in the states, called Influence, Science and Practice [Amazon link and review], the title kinda sums it up really. It basically goes into what influences us to make the decisions we make, why we fall for it every time, how to use it on others and how to avoid being influenced yourself. Most of it is just natural response, as he explains at the beginning of the book all species of animals have things that they respond to automatically and humans are not immune. You might think, but people are Read the rest of this entry »