Because no one is online… and I’m sulking

23 04 2012

sigh everyone is either sleeping or working..

So I’m having one of those days… I went to the store to pick up stuff for dinner, and ended up rushing to two store looking for something Regis wanted (know how many times he’s asked for something, other than beer? This one time.. and of course I can’t find it.  Sigh… He’s like don’t worry about it, but of course I am bummed.  (Yes I know it’s stupid… I’m stupid like that… if anyone asks for something I usually turn myself inside out trying to get it to them.
Anyway, So I got a pork roast some apples etc.. adapted this recipe online with apple cider and stuffs.  big plans… Started with some bruschetta… which was pretty damn good actually.. and good thing as it turned out or we might have starved to death.
I put the roast in the oven… for .. 30 minutes… and the damn thing is pretty much raw when I pull it out to check on it… gah … What have I done wrong??? I have no idea.. so I toss the bitch back in… an hour later it’s looking good.. so I cut into it.. and it’s pink.. like TOTALLY pink.. FUCK.. Now I don’t have a proper roasting pan (and no I’ve never made a pork roast before) so I had used tin foil to cover it.. works a charm with the turkey in Taiwan and that’s in my little ghetto oven.  This is a big bad ass oven…
So I dunno.. 40 some minutes later.. it’s STILL not done.. WTF.. it’s mostly done.. but still a little pinker than either of us though was acceptable… GRRR  So we slice it.. and put the slices back in the oven while I quickly do the stove veg and make the gravy.
Meanwhile in all the pulling it out looking at it.. using a spoon to put some cider/water/juice on it so it doesn’t dry out… I have burned myself.. oh at least 3-4 times on this thing in the oven whose only reason for existing that I can see is getting in my way and burning me.  Grumble.
At this point I’m so frustrated I could cry… I mean who can’t cook a damn pork roast… sure I’ve never done it before.. but I haven’t done lots of things before.. and I’ve made roasts for fucksakes… GAH
So I;m pouting and Regis is starving.. and we’re chatting about it.. and how I can’t understand what happened… and I tell him I covered it, because I don’t have a proper roasting pan.. and he’s like… you covered it? HAHAHAHAHA Well that’s what went wrong, mystery solved.
.. Um care to share there princess?  Because when you cover something it traps the heat and it cooks faster… so I fail to see what is funny.. or what the hell you’re talking about.  And he points out it’s a convection oven… um.. ok (having never used one.. and growing increasing UNfond of the fucking thing) So what… heat is heat… No seems that if you cover something in the convection over.. it just never cooks because it doesn’t actually get THAT hot but it blows the hot air around. >.< face palm.. Mind you I LOOKED online about how to cook a roast in a convection oven and NO ONE mentioned that little fucking gem.
We finally have dinner and of course my entire self esteem is resting on this stupid meal because I invested so much damn time into it.. effort and fugging burned my hands.. grumble.  And he’s like yeah it’s fine.  I swear I almost burst into tears… YES I know I’m being a big child, and I get way too invested in these things.  Sulk.
And when I got online to try to call or chat … I realized everyone is working or sleeping… SIGH.  And my mouse is all borked… No I don’t have any real problems… shutty.
Miss everyone 🙂



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23 04 2012

I totally get it. Often I cook a meal that I am either worried about because I have never made it before or something went wrong and if John says “it’s fine” I usually feel like crying. Or punching him 🙂

23 04 2012

Oh good.. it’s not just me! I swear they genuinely have no idea… sigh. Meanwhile heart and soul into something.. and then I’m like a puppy desperately waiting for a pat on the head. And when all I get is one sort of dismissive pat… complete devastation.. and for the record I wanted to both cry and hit him.. lol

24 04 2012

well get a meat thomomiter no more problems and its ok if it is pink let a roast rest for 15 mines befor ccuting meat tho 160 for medium pork or veal 170 for well-done

24 04 2012

I know that smarty pants.. 😛 Obviously I don’t have one.. and I’m willing to bet they cost more than their weight in gold here.. lol.. it’s no biggie I know what I did wrong now… just irritating. (If I was staying longer I might buy a meat thermometer .. but as it there is no real reason :D)

25 04 2012


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