Living together

16 04 2012

You know, for the first time living with someone, things are really good. Sure we get under each others skin from time to time, and the stress of life makes us grouchy and unreasonable occasionally. But all in all, not the horror fest I’d imagined cohabitation would be.

And really if you think about it, the whole thing is rather astonishing. From “well hey thanks for the sex” to ” uh hi, you know you didn’t need to call” to twitterpated to well, this. Mostly living together in the ‘wan and really living together here. And trying to figure out how we’re gonna make it work after June..

Anyway I was just kinda pondering that…

Oh and ps it drives him. Bonkers that I often leave the toilet light on… But it’s so not my fault the room is a vault once the door is closed if you forgot to turn the light off you’d never know till you went back in.. And the light switches flick the wrong way.. Drives me nuts, I’m constantly leaving rooms and auto turning off the light which turns it on here. 😛



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