Easter Weekend

9 04 2012

This weekend was Easter, which means lots of brightly coloured fun chocolates in the store and me mildly pouting and reminiscing about Easter egg hunts which I no longer get to participate in.  So on Sat, Regis is like ‘ok I’m only telling you this once, so you’d best remember’  obnoxious as that was, at least he gave me a heads up for the plans this weekend.  Seems we have learned from the folly of not informing me and then getting mad pissy at me bc I’m not ready.  Cue the eyeroll.

So on Saturday afternoon we played a game of Karnaxis, that Regis lost with a resounding thud. Lol Which was very amusing because he trounced me the day before.  I’d go into details but most have you have never played never mind heard of the game and the details would only be interesting if you knew about it.  Then we were supposed to head to Caen to pick up Regis’s brother’s brother (this is very common here and makes my life of my brother and sister who not related to each other at all less weird) and check out some information about playing paintball.  But I didn’t want to go, so I chilled at home, went for a run, and got ready.

When they got back from Caen, we headed over to Samuel and Chloe’s house (Regis’s Brother and sister in law), for a birthday dinner for her older daughter.  Chloe went all out and made all kinds of yummy special things for dinner, we started with something that basically translates to amusing your mouth, it was chopped peppers, avocado crème fresh and some other things.  Then we had two huge trays of escargots, which we pretty much demolished in 4.5 seconds, lol it was a friendly flight over the snails.. Regis, the cunt, kept trading his empty shells for my full ones.  Then we had sweet potatoes, baked apples and some cut of duck with a special sauce.  Which was fricken delicious. Followed by (notice the correct order of the foods… don’t mess with the order) some more booze (duh) followed by an apple tart thing.  Yum.   There was much drinking, food and revelry, but I got tired and bowed out at … 3 ish.. music still booming.  So I’m in the guest (almost like a hostel) room with the other brother .. and I started to write for my blog.. and he’s like.. HEY QUIT  TYPING I’m trying to sleep.  Uh ok. It’s not like it’s loud.. unlike the music (not a complaint I just thought it was ironic that the tapping of keys was disturbing his sleep) and then.. lol he proceeded to store like a frickin train.  Can I yell at you now?  😛 neener… ha he saw I posted online snicker.  I finally fell out, only to be woken, by my wasted boyfriend, who was kind cute and cuddly even though he was trashed.

Of course, I woke early and couldn’t sleep due to light, alcohol consumption, and captain snores.. I couldn’t sleep.  So I went downstairs, read on the couch and fell asleep but woke up again when Chloe got up to take her daughter to the train station. I gave up, got up and washed the dishes (why not…lol) .  As soon as the troops got up, we had to go ever to Regis’s mom’s place for lunch, which was also nice, and in the correct food order :D.  But near the end of lunch, I was on the verge of just falling out at the table.  Regis told me I could take a nap in the other room, so I missed the end of the gathering and everyone leaving.  Regis ended up coming in and napping with me, and I woke up around 5/6, yay the dessert I had missed was waiting for me.  Yum, Chocolate mousse with fruit in it.  Then we had to rush home to have quick showers and get ready to go to his friend’s house for a bbq.

We headed over to his friend’s house (who is actually quite a nice guy, and he has a really nice place) had some more drinks… ok I had some, they had a shit ton..  Note we got there… mmm round 7 ish.. at 11… I mentioned most bbqs that I go to have food at some point.. lol.  The boys were like, snap lets fire up the grill.  Nothing like whiskey to make the boys forget the food, chuckle.  Then there was some major drama, one guy and his girlfriend got in this massive fight.  Which I completely missed, because I was on my computer in the other room.  Wait hang on, rewind, I am doing this 30 day challenge, and I hadn’t been able to go work out, so I went out at 930 for a brisk (terrifying) walk in the dark.  After which, I got really bored because only one girl would talk to me (and not that much, and she was the one with the big fight so she disappeared) the other two barely acknowledged my existence.  Which wasn’t that big of a deal, but as the guys were all drunkenly yelling at each other and I couldn’t keep up with them, I was kinda bored.  Which is why I brought my computer, bc I’m not a retard, lol.  So instead of sulking I just went played with my computer, Regis or Fabian (his nice friend) would come check on me, but I was fine.  I would come back join them, get bored, and wander off again.  One girl, was so snotty I kinda wanted to slap her.  Every time I would say anything (in French) she would say to everyone else.. what what what did she say, I can’t understand her.. even though I could clearly understand what she was saying.  Grr.  And everyone else, had no issue understanding me, even the guys were like.. dude she obviously said ‘xyz’.  We finally had dinner at 130 am… the one girl has completely disappeared, the guy is now back.. the other girls are out looking for the one chick.  Then they come back and are super pissy because, the guys ate all the sausages (what did you think the drunk dudes were going to do while you were out ???) then the one girl got super mad bc the boys were rough housing with her dog.

Anyway, needless to say I retreated again, watched some TV and fell asleep on the sofa.  The snotty girl went home, the other chick went to bed.. and I watched tv and half fell out on the sofa.  Then Regis came and poked me to go home, we got in at 5/6am … up again in the morning to take his son over to Samuel’s house for lunch and an Easter egg hunt for the kids (lol hence my pouting, though Chloe scooped some chocolate for me).

I fell out on the couch after lunch, with the cat on my head, lol.  And then I wrote this bad boy, while the others sat about and chit chatted. J There you go, that was my weekend.. and .. there is a very serious threat of reconnecting my internet tomorrow, the technician is supposed to be over at 9 am tomorrow.   I may sleep until then.. zzzz



4 responses

9 04 2012

Hoppy Easter!

10 04 2012

I GOTS A chocwate wabbit!!!

10 04 2012

Happy Happy Easter Love!!! did you call and leave a strange voicemail for me???

10 04 2012

Nope twas not me … happy easter though! I wish I could call.. lol the irony is now after two months.. Regis is finally.. fuck I wish the internet would work .. lol.

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