Why I’ll never be a Yogi

10 02 2012

Well for starters I fucking hate yoga… ok that’s a little strong …. but i honestly don’t like doing it…. And while I do have some very cool yogi friends, I find them to be the exception to the annoying hippy rule.

So why this vauguely cunty post? lol It was just something I was pondering while skittering around on the black ice and feeling the burning in my lungs bc I’m a pussy and a have stupid little lung problems that prevent me from breathing nicely in the cold.   IT causes me all kinds of fun lung pain to run in the cold, not to mention trying to sort clothes to wear (I’d like to point out that it’s only like minus 2, I know wussie)… plus there is the pure thrill of running a road that randomly has patches of invisible ISANELY slippery ice.. good times

Add in the fact that the majority of drivers here react to a runner on the road like city folk react to a black bear on the side of the road, ie stupidly… why in gods name would I venture outside and go for a run?  I spent all this money and this yoga mat…   And there is a wall of windows with sun streaming in… perfect…

Yet .. it seems I’d actually rather torture myself that do the damn yoga.    Don’t get me wrong , like most exercise when you force yourself to ‘get out’ and do it… you feel good, at least when you’re done.  But yeah I just haven’t been able to force myself to pull out the matt, I react to it mentally like a petulant little child… internally pouting, stomping and shouting ‘don’t wanna’….

So much so that I went out today.. skittering about on the ice.. and am sitting on the couch still nursing my ouchy lungs ( like what do you do for THAT??) And all I can think is… gee I hope it warms up soon so I can go running like everyday… and force myself to do yoga… 2-3 times a week.

So yeah…. I’ll never be a yogi….  but it does make me appreciate the love hate love relationship I have with running:  and the hate love hate I have for biking, if only I could get over my hate hate hate relationship with swimming perhaps I could actually do a triathlon one day…

That is all, and now back to your regularly scheduled programming.



4 responses

11 02 2012

I feel the same way about running as you do yoga. Would much rather be doing yoga any day of the year than out running. That said, esterday I went for a albeit wimpy run and was really proud of myself for doing it in the pounding rain.

11 02 2012

Honestly if it’s not too cold running in the rain sucks but totally makes you feel all GI Jane and badass.. it’s my new technique to hate rain less… I’m trying ot force myself to do yoga now.. but Regis got up before I started…. i have a feeling today isn’t happening… (I’ll probably do a couple fo sun salutations and then quit.. ) I also hate yoga with an audience… but who doesn’t

11 02 2012

I’ve yet to find an exercise I hate, though I’ve also yet to find an exercise I can find myself doing consistently. Like you, I enjoy the feeling of awesome when it’s over and done, but for some reason the idea of quick pleasures seem better than long term rewards. Obviously. 😛

11 02 2012

hahahahah.. yeah I find it’s easier to get out there and do some things with a friend.. or on a schedule.. once I did this whole everyday no matter what 10 minutes jobbie.. and actually it was pretty good because by the end of the month it was really easy to drag myself out for a ten minute stroll or something.. and then I just started going for 20-30-40 minutes because fuck it.. I’m out now. But that ended up falling apart after 7 weeks .. I forget why.. I’m sure the usual excuses coupled with .. dude every day for 7 weeks.. I’m sure I can miss one day… = fail 😀 And gosh this sofa is comfi

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