Tough Decisions… and moving on (prt 3)

7 02 2012

Funnily when I broached the topic of coming to France we ended up having a big argument and, I thought, pretty much breaking up.  Which I found to be pretty ironic, here I am considering and offering to leave my job to move to France to explore our relationship, and he’s all I dunno, it’s a bad time, etc.  Anyway it ended up coming out that he was stressed out about somethings and it wasn’t that he didn’t want me to come to France it was more that he was worried about money and me being bored in France etc. That it was more an issue of timing than anything else.  Obviously we worked all that out, and I went to my boss to let him know.  I was actually sorta dreading it, I thought there would be a big kerfuffle as I was basically leaving with a little more than a month’s notice.  But surprisingly my boss was super supportive and agreed to help me out with it.   lol although he did make some crack to the effect of my not coming back because they wanted me to be happy yadda yadda… Then the next month or so was just me getting ready to go and finishing my work.

I also decided to try to get a sublet-er while I was away, and luckily I found this really nice Dutch girl to take my room for the whole time I’m gone.  And everything just sorta fell into place.  The only huge hiccup was it turned out my ARC was about going expire, and I was panicking about getting it renewed before I left.  I got the application in, but they told me there was absolutely no way to get the card before I left… fuck.  So I had them mail it to me… I figured I would get Rob to send it to me in France and hopefully that would be alright.  Then I had all of Chinese New Year to stew and do nothing because nothing was open.. and on monday did all that last minute stuff like going to the dentist before my insurance expired and calling immigration to make sure my whole arc by mail plan wasn’t retarded.

Turns out, that yes they don’t care about your ARC when you leave (I was absolutely certain that I never show it when I exit, everyone just thinks they have to.  And I was right) they just want to see it on your reentry.   And then… strangest thing checked the mail Tuesday morning on my way out to get the mail.. and wtf it’s my ARC in the mail.  No way no how could I get it before leaving and then it comes in the mail… fucking nut bars. I mean don’t get me wrong yay… it made a bunch of stuff easier having it but all that stress for nothing… wankers.

… to be continued



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9 02 2012

Ahhhh Sounds to me like a case of the worries and panics only to find out that things are falling into place ,,, as they should. I know.. still working on that one daily over here. It is amazing how we have been trained to worry and panic but really when something is supposed to happen it all works out, sometimes even at the last minute. I think it is the universe Fucking with us to say oh oh… oh you cant you cant oh oh ALLLL right here, you had it coming all along .:)

happy to hear


10 02 2012

lol… 😀

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