The Secret Apple

1 09 2011

So there is this book at school… and there are just no words…  So I’ll post the pictures instead.  Only in Taiwan.. I swear… the best part was the reason we found the book in the first place was another teacher was reading stories to the kids and got half way through the book and then realized… WHOA



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1 09 2011

Wow lmao it doesn’t help that hippo looks like a creeper the whole time

1 09 2011

A complete creeper….. I thought it was a joke when my co-worker was talking about it..

2 09 2011

HOLY CRAP!!! Hippo’s a perv! I can’t believe that they would make the students read that story!!! LOL

2 09 2011

Well in all fairness it’s hardly required reading, it part of a series of ‘educational’ story books for the kids.. I’m sure they just looked at one or two books and then just got the whole series… and the secret apple/creepy mf hippo snuck under the wire…

6 09 2011
Howard Lee

that’s messed up!

6 09 2011

on so many levels

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