Oh, you have got to be kidding me…

30 08 2011

God damn it… I’ve been bamboozled, tricked, bloody well girl-ed.  We all know women are evil, conniving… tricky creatures.  I’ve never been one for the game myself, I tend to be be too impatient to play the game.  Often to my detriment  really… if I were better at being patient or the whole subtle manipulation game.. I’d prolly have gotten my way more often in the past (tho in the long run it’s probably been for the best).

Well  I’ve just realized that I’ve totally been girl-ed … lol.. I would be pissed but it’s just so damn amusing.   Plus it’s not necessarily a bad thing.  I just kinda can’t believe I didn’t see it.

Someone, those of you in the know already know who, has been putting up a certain amount of resistance and making arguments to the contrary but ultimately has been agree with me.  Or even when they haven’t been agreeing with me, they have at least conceded to my point.  Expressing that while they might not agree with my point or perspective, they can see my point and will go along with xy or z.     Telling me that they would like, it a different way but they will go along with my way.

Ha.. I win.. excellent as it should be.  And I didn’t need to use trickery or any of the like to get it either.  Tralala….  I can do whatever I want, regardless of what that means.  😀

But somehow.. I’ve been completely manipulated into a corner.. and the most obnoxious part? I don’t even really mind.. that’s the part that really chaps my ass.  Not only did  I get snaked  into a situation that I very clearly said I didn’t want to be in, it’s one that I actively disagree with.  In general and in principal…. yet… balls.  Here I am.

I have been completely womaned…. They agreed with me every step of the way…. and somehow they have gotten their way. Completely.

Son of a Bitch… maybe I should really consider this technique for myself… it’s bloody effective.  😀

So amused that I’m a complete and utter failure to my sex. GRIN



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31 08 2011


31 08 2011

missed it?

31 08 2011


6 09 2011

Beautiful! It is fun to be with somebody who’s wily…

6 09 2011

lol the best part.. he’s clearly a boy because he had NO IDEA he’d won… he still doesn’t really know but I’ve hinted a little and he almost died of shock… chuckle

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