What if… what if…?

20 08 2011

I wrote a post a little while back called “Why not?” so why this what if post?

Because, while I have been embracing the world of why not.  A few weeks back I realized that I was bogging myself with what if’s.  Also known as letting my concerns and fears rule my life and hold me back from my why nots.

While Ray was visiting we had a pretty good chat about life and stuffs, and suddenly it hit me.  The whole point of  why not is to do things that are fun and just go with the flow.  Not be bogged down in my own head.  First test fail.. lol

But back on the why not horse, and while at times I may be chanting it a little frantically in my head, it is a much happier and fun life (so far).




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20 08 2011


20 08 2011

me too

22 08 2011

Living in the moment vs. living for the future: a hard battle indeed. My own balance on the two leans more towards the future, though I long and fight for the moment. Mind you, I can certainly see why many give up if they have little to no power over living the moment they wish to have. Seeing as you have it right now, I congratulate you, and hope it can last. 🙂

23 08 2011

Yeah it’s a bit difficult to do and to hold on to… plus the social pressure to look to the future… eep.. ah well keep on truckin’ 😀

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