Friends in Town

5 08 2011

As you all know Tracey is here for the summer, and it’s obviously got it’s ups and downs but ultimately.. who doesn’t want their best friend to be around?

We’re both more Independence than back in the day which is good.. but sometimes I almost miss the sad little co-dependent ways of the past.  If for no other reason than it was fun 😛

Also Ray just got into town last night and again… this is the one thing I miss living here.. really awesome old friends…  it’s just so nice having people around who already know and love you in spite of and sometimes because of your shit.  You don’t have to put on any pretenses, it’s just nice.

Sigh.. and again.. my life her would be perfect if I had a delightful relationship here and could import some if not all of my bestest friends… (including bestest family) and if I”m being honest I’m shamefully trying to import them all.. genuinely shamelessly working on this… le sigh

I have to go to work this morning (sux wish I had just taken it off..) but totally looking forward to a great weekend off hanging out with Ray and Tracey!



2 responses

5 08 2011

Count your blessings and ignore the poo. Silver linings are much more fun to find. You are loved!

9 08 2011

lol.. thanks… unfortunately.. this too much work business and then friends and non stop trallala have worn me down and now I’m sick.. pout

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