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19 07 2011

Part of my problem is I put things off…  First I was a grumpy gus and I didn’t have anything interesting to say.. then it was that I was having too much fun and didn’t really have all that much down time to write about all the fun I was having… Damned if you do and damned if you don’t, When I finally got everything all balanced out… then it was too daunting of a task.  It’s like when your room has gone to the 7th layer of hell, and you have no idea where to begin.  Sigh (I know I’m so hard done by :P)

Anyway, here I am in the Manila airport, which still sucks… but vaguely less given that they now seem to have internet (spotty tho it may be).   So Canada… general impressions.

Well, they managed to piss me off with in 5 minutes of my deplaning.  No duty free store on entry (what…  lame.. especially as I didn’t bring any toiletries bc I was planning on getting them in duty free on the way in)  then, I got to listen to a very nice woman who was friendly enough but shockingly racist and completely unaware of it.  (We all have our little or big bigotries, but  you could at least pretend to acknowledge  them..) , but still none of this is a crisis.. minor annoyances.  Then I discover that they don’t allow non residents to reclaim their sales taxes on departure… neener .. you’re not using any of the infrastructure .. but  fuck you.. you’re paying the taxes for them.  Buncha dicks in the Canadian Government.  Sigh whatever.

It wasn’t all bad… some things about Canada I long for and miss dearly.  I miss my people, my friends and Family, it wasn’t as hard saying goodbye this time.  But I do miss them all.  And if you’ve never been, Canada is beautiful.  I mean really really beautiful.  The air is clean, the people are (at least superficially) friendly and nice (Although there were a shocking number of snobby cunts… yeah I said it.. get over it.)  My brother in law took me on a ride on his motorbike, and it was just gorgeous, I saw Canadian geese… I haven”t seen them in ages.  Swoon Geeses :D.

There is much more to the story, but I’m aiming for generalities.. and we’ll hope for more filling in later.  Mom and I rented a car, and drove all over hell’s half acre… You know how Canada is beautiful?  It really is.. it’s also HUGE.. like stupid retarded mentally incomprehensible huge.  We drove across the south, to Osoyoose (or as I  like to call it .. Soy-sauce) to see Nadine.. yay.  Then we went off through the crow’s nest pass… man I don’t recommend that at night… Dead and living deer all over the damn place.  Mostly killed by semi trucks, but it made for tense driving, constantly on the lookout for the damn deer.

I’ll resist mocking Alberta’s highways.. ok mostly… come on people that isn’t a corner.. and it’s definitely not one that needs that much attention and signs trying to warn me of the turn in the road.. lame. lol.

We got into Calgary at stupid o’clock in the morning, crashed for a few hours and then visited with my cousin.  On the road again to Edmonton (St. Albert actually), we stayed at my Aunt’s house for a week.  It was great seeing my Aunt and Uncle, I was quite close with them all growing up.  My uncle has always been more of a father figure rather than some distant uncle.  So his being sick, really sucks.  But I enjoyed seeing him and spending some time with him.  He really wants me to come to my cousin’s wedding, which is in no way practical but it’s really hard to say no him.  I said I’d try, but given my bosses current attitude.. not really sure what is happening there… but that’s another ranty blog post.

Then we headed to Smithers, we stopped in Prince George and had dinner at my most favourite restaurant (Ric’s Grill).  I was momentarily destroyed because they didn’t have my favourite dish on the menu anymore but disaster was averted when they told me, no problem we’ll make it for you anyway… SWOON..  Chicken Oscar, everything cooked to tender delicious perfection.  Speaking of food.. I swear to god I’m so damn fat right now because the whole trip I swear everyone was determined to give me every delightful and delicious treat that I wanted, especially all the rich and delicious treats I can never have in Taipei.  Prime rib with Yorkshire pudding drool…  In Smithers mom’s friend had just been crabbing in Kitimat… and they brought over 4 huge crabs.  Which I of course snarffed down between all the other food my mom made for me… OOOOF.

Then I drove that rental car back to Vancouver, pet a goat (lol), and made it back to my sister’s place.  We went to Roosters, I got RETARDEDLY drunk, broke my butt… (falling off the bull)… I had a dinner with my brother and his friend, then went down town and stuffed a street dog in my mouth (yum), shared a red velvet cupcake (I don’t really get what the hype was about.. just a red cupcake).. then went over to Jordy’s had an amazing dinner where I ate WAY too much.  But it was so delicious.   Went out dancing, ate more stupid food..  Then on my last day I hung out with Jordy, Laura, (their dad’s oddly enough) then Becky came over (without phil.. pout).  My airport party was a bit of a bust, given that the people I was already hanging out with were the ones coming with me… the only wild card was troy… who called us and joined us at a sushi place near Jordy’s.

To the airport, for one of the worst flights ever.. I was so mad.. I wanted to buy things in the duty free I have a hella long layover in manila.. but nooooo no one mentioned to me I couldn’t buy stuff in Canada because they would take it in Manila.. but if I had just picked up my bags I could have rechecked them with my crap.. this is of course told to me.. too late.  (hatred is running through my veins) and my 14 hour flight is on the smallest international plane I’ve ever been on.. completely packed.  No tv screens, no entertainment at all.. and then had the damn heat on on the plane.. COME ON.. when it’s cold.. you can put on more clothes.. when it’s 35 degrees inside the plane.. sandwiched between some old dude and some old bird.. personal hell.

Now I’m in Manila waiting for the last leg of the trip… a little bored but at least I have my computer and I pod so it’s not all that bad 🙂

I should get back into Taipei sometime between 10-1130 am, where I can un pack and chill out until 7, when I have to get ready for my first class at the university.   I just realized I thought I had all of Tuesday after 11am off, but nope it’s summer  which means I work till 6.. sigh.. guess I’d better get over jet lag toute suite ;).  Although I only work till Thursday, I’m off Friiday.. yay



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22 07 2011

Duty free was NOT your friend at ALL this trip.

22 07 2011

RIGHT… bastards… I did buy the more expensive stuff in Canada thank god bc it was TONS more in the Taipei Duty free.

23 07 2011

Happy to hear you made it back safe, Lots of Lovies.

27 07 2011

Miss you already! ❤

27 07 2011

It was so nice to see you and Mummy of course, I really appreciate that you two came to see me. And I gather now you have a full understanding of why I can’t stand Alberta tourists in this area… they CANNOT handle corners of any kind. Seriously, you saw the highway around here, corners that I (still a relatively inexperienced driver) can take at 70 or 80 and be quite safe, they slow down to freaking 40, then forget to speed back up. Makes for a smidgen of road rage 😀

27 07 2011

I noticed from the bouncing.. lol no one has even been so excited to see me.. was rather delightful to be honest :). RIGHT… buncha retards… if they think those are corners what do they think out highways are? u turns?.. install rocket launchers in the head lights? 😀

27 07 2011

As a tourist, I make it a point whenever possible to travel behind a local. THEY know the roads and the capabilities. Totally get it, Nadine. LOL

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