I can drink again… hizzah

17 06 2011

I was going to this free poker group, which is fun because you get randomly seated so you meet and chat with new people every week.  And it’s in a pub so everyone has a few drinks, and most people hang out once they are out and make a bit of an evening of it.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love men?  Sexually, sure, but that’s not what I’m talking about, I just like being in their presence… there is something about male energy and attitudes that feels right a little like home.  Most of my friends have always been men, with a sprinkling of especially cool girls in there.  But for the past few years I haven’t had enough male friends.  So hanging out with these guys was awesome.  I ended up hitting it off, friend wise with a bunch of the guys in the group.

Was invited to a party and went, long story I got wasted.. like mentally retarded drunk.. Someone at the club (that we went to after the party) had a bottle of patron … now I was already nicely trashed…  but no no we had to do shots.  Have I ever mentioned I hate tequila?  Well I do.. I remember… 2 maybe three shots…and pretty much nothing after that…  Up side, even though I have never had such a bad hang over as the day after… I didn’t freak out.

In case anyone doesn’t remember I was drugged at a club a few years back, and even though I was only robbed (okay okay and the little gully business too) nothing really happened, but losing control and getting wasted has caused panic in me the day after a party ever since.  I got especially retarded and wild while out, usually turning into some sobbing fit about singleton and then the next day I’m a freaking DISASTER.

Well I’m delighted to announce that that is no longer an issue.. I have blind… who are you and what is this.. Drunk… and just been a retarded happy fool the whole time, even the next day.. death warmed over.. but chuckling from the night before..   YAY.. I blame (credit) a friend of mine from poker, who stuck with me when he realized I was DESTROYED and made sure that I was ok.  I’m no longer terrified of myself and everyone else.  Tralalala.

That said.. I have noticed when there are too many people I don’t know I get a little nervous again..



3 responses

19 06 2011
Peg Vince

not surprising or unusual under the sircomstance

22 07 2011

Trust is huge.

22 07 2011

Totally 🙂

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